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About Matthew De Souza

Hi! I'm Matthew De Souza, a graphic designer and artist. Art has been a major part of my life and I've been sharing it with friends and family for many years. It's exciting that I can be able to share my work with people across the world, whether if that's digitally or physically. I'm constantly open to feedback as I believe improvements can always be made to any body of work.

Song Project

This is inspired from a song by Eminem called ‘Rap God’. The wings on the beings back are the same lyrics that are used in the song. The lines on the top and bottom have more significance than the others as it directly expresses what the song is about and how Eminem sees himself compared to other rappers in todays age.

News Story Project

This is inspired by multiple stories about the existence of Aliens. There people who believe that they are real while there are also people who think that they don’t exist. The truth is that we don’t know for sure what is outside of our little bubble called Earth

Imaginary Being

This imaginary being is inspired by both past and current events. This being is supposed to look very divine, it’s supposed to represent how our phones are something that we can never let go. I tried to connect it to religion and how in most religions, people can never live without their god. The background is a piece of paper that I found from a christian magazine. It showcases a sunset like background, that all the more contributes to the calm and cool nature that the being is releasing. The head of the being is showing a modern side to things as well. In the moment of the current epidemic, cell phones and other technologies are being used now more than ever. We are using it to contact with family far away, to communicate through FaceTime with our professors, and submit homework online. Without today’s current technology things would be so much different and communication between people would be much harder.