Monthly Archives: April 2020

Song Project

For this project I picked “once a addict” by J Cole, who’s a rapper and in this song he talking about being depressed, using drugs to deal with it , and dealing with his alcoholic mom.In his song he says “lost in a cloud of marijuana”.I painted a guy smoking on a cloud shaped like a question mark because he is lost, depressed and the only way he can deal with it is smoking.

Sonia’s Song Project

For this project I picked the song “Mixed Emotions” by Lil Tjay, who is a rapper from NYC. I designed the project from the lyrics that the song had. I did not want there to be a specific focal point so I made the important things pop out by cutting them out and gluing them onto the ground of the project, which made the eyes go to different parts of the art. I also tried to show movement with the paint splatters which represent blood, It flows from the “heartache” thats present up to the success and fame which the rapper goes through and talks about in the song. The gradient in the background is also representative of the darkness he went through and the transition from the black to yellow is his life leading up to his happiness and success which is represented by the yellow. I tried using complimentary colors such as green, red, yellow and purple so that the project looks united.

News Story Project

This work is accompanying a news article discussing Russian interference in Americas politics and inciting social division.

Link here:

News Story Project

This is inspired by multiple stories about the existence of Aliens. There people who believe that they are real while there are also people who think that they don’t exist. The truth is that we don’t know for sure what is outside of our little bubble called Earth

News Story Project

usually upload mines a little late but this news story project is mainly about 5g network what and what the world is heading into….i made mines of photoshop and picture collage and a little of paint brush on photo shop i thought i be great to share this piece with the class.