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News Story Project

usually upload mines a little late but this news story project is mainly about 5g network what and what the world is heading into….i made mines of photoshop and picture collage and a little of paint brush on photo shop i thought i be great to share this piece with the class.

Imaginary Being

my imaginary being I’ve come up with an idea of an anime character mixing the character with a reading novel I read about a few months ago  and watching the anime series death note. I pictured seeing the anime character Light Yagami as being a single dictator better known as big brother because he controls a majority of people who listens or obey any command he gives. The whole idea was to recreate the vision but using an anime character to show how it relates to light Yagami in the anime series. The elements I used to make this vision masterpiece come true were gray scale with little warm colors as it shows and displayed on the picture background of the Dystopia  world of light Yagami and a crowd listening to him. Other elements I used to make this collage was printing images from pexels ,scissors , glue , Bristol paper.