Imaginary Being Project

My imaginary being consists a composition of lines and geometrical shapes to form a skeleton with an abstract background. The concept of the project is the skeleton is trying to escape the abstract scenery and is more curious of the outside of world. The focal point is more centered at the cartoon skeleton. My projects consists of a balance between white and black. I didn’t want a rhythm for the background of my being. The abutting shapes of my design consists of circles, rectangles and squares. There are also negative space where the hand is which is supposed to represent the outside world. More like a picture trying to come to life. Symmetry was also used to keep my being more focused and alive for the viewer to see. The being does consists of harmony but the abstract background doesn’t. I used shading to add some depth to my being.

4 thoughts on “Imaginary Being Project

  1. Gaby Santos

    I like this a lot it reminds me of something that u would see in a cartoon it’s very detailed the background was a good choice to actually place him. The foucal point is the skeleton but the background of black and white gives it a pizzazz to it.

  2. Matthew De Souza

    I like this piece of work. The background is very captivating to me as it has multiple different designs. You can also tell just by looking that the skeleton is meant to grab your attention instantly. However it would’ve been better if that blank part had another design but it still looks amazing.

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