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Poem Project (Darren Rogers)

The poem is called Silent Ones

Basically The poem consists on the inner soul of a quiet person and why the poet loves when a quiet person speak how unknown the depth of a quiet person soul even the fact the quiet person doesn’t know themselves but yet it’s so calm almost comparable to a dragon  I get from this poem.

Bezold Project (Darren Rogers)

(I didn’t want to do this project since it’s so personal but I feel like it would be a waste not to.)

This is my Bezold Project  A football for my past since I was sure I was going to be a football player when I grew up  I won trophies etc but I got injured during my senior year and I couldn’t get a scholarship and that’s when my life went downhill. The crutches are my present also symbolizing my struggles during my downhill moment with depression, betrayal, etc. life was a hot mess for me. I lost all my emotions and became a robot until I met different people and experience different things my emotions are slowly coming back if anything my artwork expresses it. As for the joker card that’s my future due to the fact that whenever I plan or romanticize a future life throws curve balls at you so I’ll have to see.

As terms of design, The colors I had were Red with a Blue outline I started to use a blue background for photoshop with yellow stripes as the foreground so I can get one with orange since they are unfortunately something happened and I didn’t do it right until I moved away from my computer screen taking a break and saw that both were orange which shocked me and had to share it.

Song Project- Darren_Rogers

I chose “Wish” by Trippie Redd . Instead of  using the whole song into the project I used a Storyboard like art to put  into the project as the first slide uses mainly the introduction to the song.while the two in the bottom focuses on how I felt about the melody of the song. And last two mainly focus on the lyrics of the song. I chose orange and red because the song in the beginning reminds me of when the sun is coming out and the birds are chirping. The purple strobe focus on the sound on the beginning before trippie proceeds to sing it also reminded me of the movie Scott Pilgrim for some reason so I went with a pixel game theme. The clouds just remind me how chilled but at the same time pop like sound this song gives off so the things that is in the side I can imagine that while playing this song.  The next slide gives off movement  as trippie sink lower and lower  to the point that he disappears. The Last slide is a continuation of the dark lyrics that trippie gives off in that song as he says “I CAN’T FEEL MY FACE !!” I decided to make his face distorted and have the world behind him due to the fact he says ” Maybe The world is your’s” .

News Paper Project D.Rogers


This is my project regarding college athletes not getting paid by NCAA.As a former athlete i believe it’s unfair since the NCAA is making money off of people who are showcasing there talent. The focal point is on the left side you see the athlete in a basket ball court with the bench players cheering him on shooting the “Money Ball”: On the court floor it says get the bag symbolizing for the players to get paid.On the other hand we see a judge trying to stop the athlete from making the money get in the basket while protecting his assets awhile with the jurors look on That’s the focal point.If we look closer there is also movement in the center regarding the athlete shooting the money ball : The feet looks like it’s getting off the ground.Looking at the judge side you can see his robe looks like it’s moving to the athlete while his feet are behind the robe in a tippy toe position.


Imaginary Being Project

“Although I didn’t follow instructions with the white border”. My focal point is what really grabs your attention first? is it the Bunny on the right side? The Three Eye Monster in the middle? or the Smoking Skull on the left side? I let the viewer decide. There’s a lot of value in this painting as if you look at the bunny you can see the black is mostly the dark areas on the rabbit such as inside the ear, the whiskers and eyes. For the smoking skull, the cracks on the skull can be seen as a shadow also the eye can also be seen as a shadow. Background wise can also be seen as a value if you look on the bottom left all the way to top left you can see dark on the bottom and it gets lighter as it goes up. I also incorporated some movement towards the middle of my three eye monster with the tears flowing down from top to bottom. There’s also a gradient with the grays with a darker gray in the bottom and the lightest gray on the top.