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Sound and Space Poem Project Redo

6:22 a.m. By Gerard Malanga
I’ve gone beyond the expectant time of dreaming and now no dreams. There are no first names, even. No greetings on the street. No emails. What I’ve done the day before. My memories like a sieve through which nothing
I can get a grasp on happens. The words well placed, those that have survived. And then what to do with them?
Stretching out those sentences for as far as they would go, across those yellow sheets of paper, the lines well placed. Or else nothing happens. I’m suddenly in a lurch to rise up outta bed or drift back to sleep for another search without seeing in the dark. Without knowing what to ask.


Bezold Effect Project 2nd attempt

This is my Bezold Effect project what I did was I made 3 flags one being the US Flag since I live here all my life. The second flag is the Bangladesh flag. I was born there and I have visited so many times. The third flag is the I Italian flag. I designed that flag because in the future I would love to go to Italy and explore, since I love traveling to a lot of places.


Bezold Effect Project

This is my first attempt to do the Bezold Effect project. I don’t know if this is how I have to do it. What I did was I made the flag design from different countries so the past I designed the Bangladesh flag since I traveled there, the present I made the US flag since I’ve been living here all my life and for the future I made the Italian flag because in the future I would like to go to Italy.