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Bezold Effect Project

Past = Soccer Ball: I used to play soccer in the streets with the other neighborhood kids growing up. Soccer used to be my passion but I eventually stopped playing when my friends all moved away and when we went our separate ways.

Present = Computer: My computer holds everything I need for school, entertainment, and the occasional gaming especially during the lock down.

Future: The graduation cap represents my future graduation and for what the future has in store for me.

Song Project

The song I chose for my project is called “You Never Know” by Immortal Technique. The song is about a guy who fell in love with a girl but then got caught up in the streets. He landed in jail and never got to see his girlfriend again. When he got out he found a letter from his girlfriend and it said that she had HIV and had passed away while he was in jail.

Imaginary Being Project

My imaginary being consists a composition of lines and geometrical shapes to form a skeleton with an abstract background. The concept of the project is the skeleton is trying to escape the abstract scenery and is more curious of the outside of world. The focal point is more centered at the cartoon skeleton. My projects consists of a balance between white and black. I didn’t want a rhythm for the background of my being. The abutting shapes of my design consists of circles, rectangles and squares. There are also negative space where the hand is which is supposed to represent the outside world. More like a picture trying to come to life. Symmetry was also used to keep my being more focused and alive for the viewer to see. The being does consists of harmony but the abstract background doesn’t. I used shading to add some depth to my being.