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Yessica Ramirez Poem Project

The colors inside of the cloud is the memories that the girl has from her parents. It is in a cloud because although the fire took away everything from her it did not take away the distinct memories she has of her parents

Yessica Ramirez Benzold Project

I decided to create an image of two Elephants linking each other with their trunks. When I was younger I used to have elephant earrings and in my house we used to have an elephant statue. My mom believes that elephants are good luck. Sadly I do not have the earrings anymore from when I was young, but I still have an elephant statue in my house as well as an elephant necklace. I wanted the elephants to be linking together because they are associated with my past but still associated with my present.

Song Project Yessica Ramirez

This piece is based on the song called “Promises” by Jhene Aiko. The song is about two things. The first half is about her daughter and how she feels bad and does not like that she is not there for her at all times. Especially with little things in her daughters life occurs. She isn’t able to be with her at all times because she is an artist and was always on road.  But she reminds her that everything she is doing is for her daughter. She asks her daughter to promise her she will be alright even when she is not there and in the song her daughter actually sings in it as well and promises her mom that she will be alright. The second half of the song is about her brother who passed away. Jhene has had lots of trouble getting through her brothers death. In the song she says “Don’t think I can make it” and then she says she hears her brother say that she better not do anything crazy because her daughter needs her. Also he reminds her that he’s always with her in every moment and everywhere she is. She promises him that she is going to be alright. This song is very powerful and gives me a lot of emotion. Her album cover is similar to the background. I wanted to portray a heavenly sunset look. The clouds signify her brother still being there. And the hands making a promise represents Jhenes promises with both her daughter and her brother.

Newspaper Project Yessica Ramirez

The focal point of this is what is in black and white. This piece is about the corona virus and the violence it has brought to asians. Asians were being harassed because of the virus. There have been many stories of people beating asians because of the virus and blaming them for the cause. The writing in the background is actual facts on the virus. The question marks on top covering these facts is the ignorance of society. There is a high contrast between the black and white and the color on top of the writing. The scale of what is in black and white is pretty big it covers most of the writing in the background. I wanted to show the violence that has occurred since the virus. Also how society is very very ignorant these days.

Imaginary Being Project, Yessica Ramirez

The focal point of my imaginary being is clearly my imaginary being. But to make it stand out even more than it is it is filled of different colors. The composition of the background is random, but the rhythm of it is very smooth. Although I wanted the imaginary being to be the focal point, I did not want viewers to draw away from the background and that’s why I incorporated bits of color in the background. It has a bunch of triangles overlapping each other and it may be hard to see, but there are also four separate big stars on each side of the imaginary being. The facial expression of the being is clueless. It does not know where it is or anything about it’s surrounding. It is lost. The four big stars that are hidden in the background signify its “senses”, but it is hidden and lost in the unknown just like the being.