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Poem Project

The poem I chose is called “Things to do in Hell”. In the poem, the writer listed a mixture of things you would guess hell has for you and everyday things like grabbing lunch or even smoking weed. I feel like this related to us in the situation that we all find ourselves in. Hell right now is like being locked up at home and the only thing to do is what you have been doing every day since lockdown. Its torture and drivng us crazy. Having the book bigger and on top of the window makes the illusion of the window being further bad or closer to the door and that being the furthest thing in the picture. The lines in the background play a big role in making the picture seem like it’s into space. Where the lines meet is also where the door is. The door symbolizes freedom for us in our situation.

Yessica Ramirez Benzold Project

I decided to create an image of two Elephants linking each other with their trunks. When I was younger I used to have elephant earrings and in my house we used to have an elephant statue. My mom believes that elephants are good luck. Sadly I do not have the earrings anymore from when I was young, but I still have an elephant statue in my house as well as an elephant necklace. I wanted the elephants to be linking together because they are associated with my past but still associated with my present.

Bezold Project

The Past represents the Barbie because when I was little I used to love playing with Barbie dolls.The Present is the Laptop because were always on the computer or on the internet so that’s that and the Future is my future store that I want to open up eventually for my brand and the circles are coins almost like glass coins and the hands are trying to grab them or reach them almost if they were thrown and you got to grab it.

Bezold Effect Project

Past = Soccer Ball: I used to play soccer in the streets with the other neighborhood kids growing up. Soccer used to be my passion but I eventually stopped playing when my friends all moved away and when we went our separate ways.

Present = Computer: My computer holds everything I need for school, entertainment, and the occasional gaming especially during the lock down.

Future: The graduation cap represents my future graduation and for what the future has in store for me.