HW#3: Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

Every year on Thanksgiving, my mom always cooks a big meal for the family. She would start cooking from 9am till 6pm. She would cook Mac and Cheese, stuffing, rice, pasta, turkey, steamed vegetables and many more. My favorite dish to eat out of them all would be the mac and cheese. Homemade mac and cheese has a good and better taste than the ones from the box. Especially they way my mom makes it. Food photography can be annoying to me sometimes due to people taking pictures of any piece of food thats in front of them. It’s cool taking pictures of food that looks nice and is something you don’t see everyday.  The thing that gets me annoyed is that whenever you go out to eat there’s always that one person that literally takes a picture of any food they see. Like I’m hungry, I just want to eat sometimes.


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