Eva Tse HW #3 Color, Food Photography, and Instagram

This Thanksgiving my family ate a Turkey, of course, and mash potatoes, some veggies and our attempt at making stuffing, but failing because someone misread the ingredients. We had also ate homemade corn bread.

My views on food photography on social media is that it’s beneficial yet also deceiving. It can be beneficial because it may get people to try things that their unfamiliar with, show what a certain restaurant has to offer on the menu, or even inspire someone to recreate the food. It can be deceiving because with photography, comes editing and effects. Some photographers may alter their food a certain way so its more appealing than how it is naturally. I personally follow many food photography accounts on social media to see what looks appealing to me, but before going to the restaurant I always have to check the yelp review to make sure the photo is accurate like the reviews.

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