HW#2 Fausto Llapa

It is amazing how soldiers can maintain enough strength and stamina to continue fighting on the battlefield while having little rations of food. Hardtacks are good too. I find it every interesting that they can live off eating a large cracker. Also, coffee on a soldier’s diet seems very reliable as it helps them stay active during the war as they would get tired. It is kind of crazy how coffee plays a big role during the war for the soldiers during the Civil War.

I can’t live without eating dessert. I enjoying eating lots of different dessert but mostly cake since it is the most common dessert that I eat. Cake has been around for me a lot since I sometimes end up being at parties where cake is served and also since my family enjoys cake as much as I do.

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3 Responses to HW#2 Fausto Llapa

  1. ShanieyaS says:

    I agree with the food you chose also. I love dessert especially after eating something salty.

  2. I also found it interesting that they mainly lived off hardtack.

  3. Smaduku says:

    I was also intrigued by their dependence on hardtack. Its like a small cracker. I would have never thought that anyone could live off of that.

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