HW #2: Emmanuel Casseus

I was honestly surprised by the fact that soldiers were forced to eat hard tacks biscuits in order to stave off hunger. I personally couldn’t possibly have survived very long on such a treat, it’s a bit terrifying to think about. From what I read, Hardtack’s was made of unleavened flour & water and all I could think about is how unappetizing that sounds. Like, if I had to choose between giving up food or coffee I would 100% give up on coffee. I only have a particularly bad memory that sticks with me forever when it comes to coffee. I like Iced Coffee and some other types, but I can definitely live without it. And when it comes to food, I’m a hard sucker for Lasagna, I love the way it taste and I’m pretty addicted to it. I don’t get to eat it very often, so when my family cooks or brings some home I’m quite ecstatic about eating some!

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