HW 2: Ana Perez

What I found most interesting about the Civil War soldier diet is the hardtack. It looks like a giant thick cracker.  It was so cheap and easy to make which made it made more popular and reliable. I was shocked on how long the cracker has survived as it is. If I had to choose between food or coffee I would choose food and give up coffee. I personally don’t like coffee as it is. I drink water a lot. However when it comes to food, I love food and trying new things. I can’t live without a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich from a corner store. It is like the crown jewl of NYC. I been eating it my whole life and it so quick to have made, cheap and the perfect breakfast sandwich. Sometimes I like to make them myself and when I do I add more stuff in my sandwich then what they people do at the corner store. A bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich is the one thing I can always eat and never get tired of.

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