HW#2: Marc Chu (Food and Coffee during the Civil War)

After reading the article of how civil war soldiers use hardtack got my attention. The reason why i got my attention is because hardtack was the way of survival for civil war soldiers in which it didn’t cost that much to make it but in a way it was considered healthy that gave the soldiers the nutrients they need to fight in battle yet there were basic saltine crackers that these eat and drank coffee shows how convenient it was back on the old days. So in conclusion the way how hardtack works kinda help these soldiers when they need to ration foods and that is how it caught my attention.

If I had to give up food or coffee it would be coffee because coffee would make me sick if i drink it every day, meanwhile food has different taste and nutrients need to do activities especially fighting in wars plus if your in an empty stomach coffee will have aching effects. The food I cant live without would be my oat meal because that’s how i start the day with a warm break fast and without it I resort to cold breakfast that cause cramps for me.

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