HW#2-Sumiya Shahan- Food and Coffee During the Civil War

For the Union soldiers food was one of the biggest problems, during that time most of the soldiers were men and they didn’t know how to cook so they eat raw meat. From my Biology class, I learn that raw meat contains a lot of bacteria and can damage your brain, and eventually, you will die if that happened. there are no cure of that.
The Union soldier had a lot of coffee but the Confederate soldier did not able to get any coffee. So they rob the Union soldier coffee or tried to tread coffee for something ales. The civil war soldier was adducted for coffee. They drink coffee whenever and wherever they wanted.

A food that I would not live without would be “Chingri Vuna”. Chingri means shrimp, and vuna means the style of cooking. This food is little bit spicy, and I like to eat this with rice. You can cook this same dish in different way.

Taken From: https://www.trepup.com/kalyanifoodfestival

Reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GPJQf2WCN_4

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