“Cannibal Holocaust” (1980)- Homerwork #3

“Cannibal Holocaust” was one movie of many that caused controversy worldwide.  In this movie, a group of Americans traveled to the Amazon rainforest in order to film a documentary about cannibal tribes. The group went missing, causing Professor Monroe, from New York, to lead a rescue a rescue team, to hopefully find the group alive. The rescue team came across a tribe, and a few of the women took Monroe to a shrine in their village, where he finds the remains of the group, and reels of their film. The reels were taken back to New York, where Monroe wanted to watch the raw footage. While watching, Monroe discovered gruesome events which happened during filming. Events including the group forcing a tribe into a hut, which they burned down, a young tribe girl being gang-raped, and in the end, each team member who were still alive, were captured and killed.

This movie was highly unpleasant due to the excessive graphic content, which includes genocide, sexual violence, and also cruelty to animals. During filming, a handful of animals were actually killed, which sparked controversy among animal activists. It was also labeled as a snuff film. A snuff film is a film where the death of actors aren’t killed, there are actually killed on screen. This violent movie was banned in many countries, but as the years progressed, many countries began to lift the bans.

4 thoughts on ““Cannibal Holocaust” (1980)- Homerwork #3”

  1. Wow! The way you described the movie I actually never heard of this film and interested in watching but this is a movie that is unpleasant to see. Also the killing of animals and sounds like it graphic is tense. Also it’s hard to see actual violence on film and know that it was based on a true story where the victims are acutely murdered. But what I actully can’t believe is that this film was banned for high graphics but it should be shown to the world since its a type of flim that is based on a true story and it maybe hard to watch but it’s to show how society was back then in compared to now.

    1. I forgot to mention, the director was accused of murdering the victims from the film, but he actually didn’t. In court, he apparently had one of the actors from the movie to prove his innocence.

  2. I have never seen this movie but from your description I can see why it would be banned especially in the 80’s. I feel like if it was released tomorrow it wouldn’t cause so much controversy (aside from animal abuse) because we are exposed to the weirdest things on the internet. However, I’m sure if it didn’t have so many restrictions it would’ve done great in sales because people are so interested in the abnormal and I feel like cannibalism is something that nobody talks about or sees on a daily basis so there would be a curious audience.

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