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HOMEWORK #2 – OPENING SCENE:The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King (Spades)

This scene is definitely one of my  favorite scenes of all time simply for the back story and the set up also. Throughout the Lord of the Rings series a creature named Gollum has been in pursuit of The One Ring being carried by Frodo and is always shown being obsessive and protective of it. However, one thing that was not shown up until the third and last movie was how Gollum turned in to this nasty looking creature. While fishing with his friend they both come across the infamous One Ring and the ring causes the both of them to fight over it with Gollum winning said fight and actually killing his friend for it.  One thing that gets me is how Gollum (known as Smeagol before turning in to the creature) is shown as a really friendly person up until he finds the ring. Once he finds it nothing else in the world matters to him and slowly but surely he transforms in to the creature he is now. I feel like this scene set up the last movie great as well because it shows just how evil and powerful the ring truly is and why it must be destroyed at all costs.


Homework #2 Lord of The Rings – Fellowship of The Ring

The opening scene for The Lord of The Rings is so compelling because it introduces the 3 races that are in power of land which are humans(those who wanted more power), elves(those who were immortal, wisest and fairest), and dwarfs(those who were master craftsmen and miners of the mountain). While, introducing the 3 races, it also tells the importance of the rings that were made for each race. The talk starts slow and then slowly gets more intense when they talk about the one ring that was made secretly and how much power that one ring has. The ending of the scene just shows the importance of the ring and why it must be destroyed. The war where humans and elves formed an alliance to destroy the ring was almost lost because of the power of the ring that was made secretly. This scene is just so good that it shows why the ring must be destroyed while trying to get the audience excited slowly.