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Post 9

My favorite ending in a film would have to be the Prestige with Christian bale and Hugh Jackman. I think the story was great but the ending was really insane ad theirs a lot of room for interpretation. The revelation was that Angrier (jacks character) was making clones of himself every night he performed and his clone would die after every performance. Its symbolic in that his wife drowned in an act as well. I think it was done on purpose, every night he dies, essentially his clone the same way his wife did. And for Cristian’s character he had a double and they shared their lives together, ultimately one died and it wasn’t the original character but the twin.

HomeWork #7

Jump cuts used by Jean-Luc-Goddard’s films especially in À Bout de Souffle added a stylistic choice to depict the entropic urban life of Paris. Jean-Luc-Goddard’s heavy use of jump cuts has influenced later directors to using this editing style to depict fast passed and hectic scenes. Old Boy by Park Chan-wook uses jump cuts in an early scene to depict the messy discordant actions of drunkenness by the protagonist Oh Dae-su.The jump cuts, cuts between scenes of discord from Oh Dae-su’s drunken antics, showing the mess of his drunken state through the use of jump cuts.

Homework #8

Along with the music and narration that accompanied the clips of La Jetee, this helped take the viewers on this cinematic time travel of the film. Even without actual film takes, photos that captured the moments were used to give the audience a visual of what the narrator was saying. Cinematic time travel has evolved tremendously throughout the years. Ways to draw the audience in and bring them into the sense of time travel has used much technological innovations to create the most realistic way possible. One film that used cinematic time travel is X-Men: Days of Future Past. Throughout the film, the storyline follows the character of Wolverine who travels back in time to change the course time that leads to destruction in the future. Viewers get a sense of what is past and future because of jump cutting between the two times. We see the characters in the past and the events that unfold and placed them on the path of who they were meant to become in the future. Very different from Le Jetee, X-men uses more technical methods to recreate the time travel. Many other ways to include time travel in a film have been used in films like Back to the Future. Ultimately, early films introduced a new discovery that would later lead a breakthrough into the world of time travel.



Here is the trailer to X-men: Days of Future Past

Homework #6

While watching Attia’s “fan” movie deconstruction, it was interesting to see the contrast of the film and what the locations look like now. By revisiting the locations of films, the audience gains an insight and can make deeper connections to visualize what it was like when filming the scenes. There are people who do not care enough to think about such things but for those who have an interest in film and the way they are made and put together, it creates a new way to observe from the director’s and cinematographer’s point of views. This perspective is beneficial because it displays the scenery and setting in a different way. We see the background as the director would and can understand why that location was chosen for a certain scene. For example in The Birds, we see an explosion by the gas station when the birds attack, by deconstructing the film and revisiting the location, the people see the “untouched” location and can truly appreciate the work of actors and all those involved in making the scene look as it did in the final product.

Homework #6(Diamonds)

I think fan movies that deconstruct film and revisits the location is a very awesome thing because it helps show the other fans of the movie and an inside look of how the location is during a regular day in every day life instead of a movie set. People will notice how different the location can be. A lot of people when watching movies think everything is a set but they don’t know that alot of movies use actual streets to shoot film. The sets are manipulated so it looks real but there are actors all over. Most of the time, it is not how the streets would usually be in every day life.  I personally enjoy seeing movies that deconstruct film and revisits the locations.

Animated Sequence- Homework #5

Its fascinating to watch “Walt Disney laugh-o-grams, “Alice in wonderland” it was very funny.  The way the girl “Alice’,interacted with the animated characters was very entertaining. Her expressions was very lively and her expressions were very animated as well which reflected her interactions with the characters. My favorite scene is her running, I think it was great how they got her legs to run really fast they gave her qualities of a cartoon , and the cartoons human traits. I like the underlying story of her falling asleep and dreaming about a different world, the world of the animated characters. Young kids have an active imagination so its a great story to tell of a young girl conjuring up a different world because most kids could probably relate. What also crossed my mind was how they did it, all the work of hand drawing those cartoons and giving it truly is an art, its difficult now and i can’t imagine how difficult it might have been back then without any technological advances like we have today.

Homework #4: Oz The Great and Powerful

When it comes to films of spectacle, many have required massive budgets to complete the project. One of these films is a remake of the 1939 “The Wizard of Oz.” The film titled “Oz The Great and Powerful required an outstanding $215,000,000. As I began researching how the film was made and the type of equipment used, it became more evident to me why the budget skyrocket the way it did. The film began in 2011, where basic photography was being done by using 3D cameras. Much like the original film, when the tornado strikes, the audience is able to be transported alongside lead actor James Franco into the Land of Oz. But once he arrives, we are taken through a new world where out of the ordinary things exist. Actual sets were also built in addition to computer imaging to help the actors better visualize the fantasy world of the film. In order to accomplish the task of employing the china doll and flying monkey, special effects like puppetry and motion capture suits were needed to make these scenes come to life. The film drew in the audience with its vibrant colors and detailed scenes. It was a spinoff of the original film in 1939 but because of new arising technology, the film was able to transport the public into this 3D world.

HW 4

The hobbit is one of the movies that has a big budget cost in the hobbit (2009) the  movie with an amount of 257.2million.  And it consist of  many graphic designs and also has many series’s which is still going on and is one of my top faviorte movies. It’s as if a video games for example rpg game put in too real life where wizards and dwarfs and dragons and demons exist. The locations filmed are good and the amount of money to create the image where the action takes place and the animals that where aniamited . Also the shoots took from close and far and the sound affects and lighting which brings the audience in.

Homework #4 – Titanic

I chose the 1997 film, Titanic which was directed, produced and written by James Cameron. This film is listed #3 in the 30 most expensive movies ever made. I chose this film because 95% of this movie takes place on a giant boat.  James Cameron had to use many different types of scenery to make this film as real as possible. For example, the rich people had better living conditions on this boat than the lower class people. This film also had amazing visuals of when the boat was sinking and when everyone was trying to survive. One of my favorite scenes was when the ship hit the iceberg and it was a full free-for-all of everyone running around and trying to survive. There was a lot of different way’s people dressed based on their wealth in this movie. Every little detail was thought about before the making of this movie and that’s why I believe it was one of the most expensive movie to be ever made. Nothing was short of spectacular!

Homework #3 Noah Controversial films

When asked to post about a controversial film it was a little hard to think about because for the most part I don’t really have time to watch a lot of movies, but I thought back to the last few movies I did watch and one of them was “Noah” which I can imagine caused controversy just because it is based on a story told in the bible. Not only  do we all know when religion comes into play everyone always has its discrepancies. There are going to be those that don’t fully agree with what this portrays. Reading up on this movie in fact helped me discover that “Three Arab countries have banned the Hollywood film “Noah” on religious grounds even before its worldwide premiere and several others are expected to follow suit.”