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Homework #7

This film is in German so I had to look up a summary to find out what exactly was going on in this scene. In this clip from the film, “Run Lola Run,” we can see the use of jump cuts. The boyfriend, Mannie, of the main character, Lola, called Lola because he needed help getting money that he owed to somebody. Mannie tells Lola that he will get killed if he doesn’t get the money. As Lola tosses the phone, her reaction is captured with a series of jump cuts. These jump cuts allow the viewer to understand Lola’s anxiety as she tries to figure out how to obtain the money needed to save her boyfriend.

Animated Sequence – Homework 5

Early animation is truly amazing. Earlier in time, producers didn’t have the luxury of using computers to create animations like they do today. These animations were drawn by hand to be in a film. Look at “Alice’s Wonderland.” It’s a silent film that has animations. Watching this short film was absolutely enjoyable.  The way how the film is put together is also amazing. The use of Alice’s live action character with the animation surroundings makes Alice look as if she is actually in the animation, or a part of it, I’m not sure how to put it. Seeing such innovations take place in such an early point in time is truly admiring.

“Cannibal Holocaust” (1980)- Homerwork #3

“Cannibal Holocaust” was one movie of many that caused controversy worldwide.  In this movie, a group of Americans traveled to the Amazon rainforest in order to film a documentary about cannibal tribes. The group went missing, causing Professor Monroe, from New York, to lead a rescue a rescue team, to hopefully find the group alive. The rescue team came across a tribe, and a few of the women took Monroe to a shrine in their village, where he finds the remains of the group, and reels of their film. The reels were taken back to New York, where Monroe wanted to watch the raw footage. While watching, Monroe discovered gruesome events which happened during filming. Events including the group forcing a tribe into a hut, which they burned down, a young tribe girl being gang-raped, and in the end, each team member who were still alive, were captured and killed.

This movie was highly unpleasant due to the excessive graphic content, which includes genocide, sexual violence, and also cruelty to animals. During filming, a handful of animals were actually killed, which sparked controversy among animal activists. It was also labeled as a snuff film. A snuff film is a film where the death of actors aren’t killed, there are actually killed on screen. This violent movie was banned in many countries, but as the years progressed, many countries began to lift the bans.