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Upcoming Midterm and Study Images

Babson Rock, Dogtown, Gloucester
Babson Rock, Dogtown, Gloucester

Don’t forget the in-class part of the midterm is next Tuesday March 24th at 10:00 am. Please be sure to arrive on time.

To submit your take-home essays (worth 50 points out of 100)  for the Midterm, please go to Blackboard and upload your answers to the take-home questions. Note that there are 2 parts to the take-home portion (choose two questions from section #1 and one option from section #2). If you have misplaced your take-home questions, you can download them here: Midterm Take-Home Questions

At your request I have also posted some Study Images for the Midterm Exam. These are stills from many of the films that we have viewed for this class so far. Only some images will be used on the exam. To access the study images, you will need to use the same password (given out in class) to access the readings. If you’ve forgotten the password, please email me. The Study Images are located under Documents/Midterm Exam Info. When you hover your mouse over the images, a caption should appear with information.

Finally, be sure to review the terms on your weekly films-terms lists. For example, you should know what is an iris shot. If you do not know a term, you can look it up in the glossary of your textbook, or on Columbia’s Online Film Glossary (also listed under “helpful links” to the left). If you have any questions, feel free to email me (note my contact info on the upper right). Good luck!

Homework #1: Introduce Yourself!

Gene Hackman as Popeye Doyle, The French Connection (1971)

As a follow-up to our first class, please tell your classmates a little about yourself and your interest in cinema. Have you ever taken a class on film history? What type of movies do you like? And how do you like to view movies? From home? in movie theaters? on a large screen or on computer screens? Share your thoughts with your classmates by replying to this post. Click on “Leave A Comment” above this post and then submit your response. Please complete your Introductions by class time on Thursday February 5th.