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Homework #5: The Animated Sequence

Citizen Kane’s “photo to life” sequence was done well with strategic timing. It seems as though Welles may have filmed the sequence in reverse order as shown. Welles could have filmed the scene with the photo shoot of the former Chronicle paper staff, and then used the actual frame of the shot as the photograph featured in the close-up. Welles achieved creating the sense of a time lapse by filming the scene in that order. Also, he achieved a convincing notion that the photograph became “live”.

In Disney’s short Laugh-o-gram series, the story of Alice in Wonderland remains similar to the film version in that Alice falls into a sleep and dreams of her experience in wonderland. I thought Alice’s interaction with the cartoons and cartoonists in the illustration room was a fitting scenario of the film story. Although the plot revolves around the theme of imagination, it was realistic of Alice to conjure dreams of a cartoon world, Cartoonland, after her visit to the cartoon studio. I liked that the term for cartoons on the first intertitle was referred to as “funnies” – when I researched to see if it was an actual term, I discovered that the term was used as the name of two American publications, “The Funnies” and “New Funnies”; it turns out that were the precursor of the comic book. I was not comic book reader but it was interesting to learn that comic books were discovered during the roaring twenties.

HOMEWORK #2 – OPENING SCENE:The Lord of the Rings-The Return of the King (Spades)

This scene is definitely one of my  favorite scenes of all time simply for the back story and the set up also. Throughout the Lord of the Rings series a creature named Gollum has been in pursuit of The One Ring being carried by Frodo and is always shown being obsessive and protective of it. However, one thing that was not shown up until the third and last movie was how Gollum turned in to this nasty looking creature. While fishing with his friend they both come across the infamous One Ring and the ring causes the both of them to fight over it with Gollum winning said fight and actually killing his friend for it.  One thing that gets me is how Gollum (known as Smeagol before turning in to the creature) is shown as a really friendly person up until he finds the ring. Once he finds it nothing else in the world matters to him and slowly but surely he transforms in to the creature he is now. I feel like this scene set up the last movie great as well because it shows just how evil and powerful the ring truly is and why it must be destroyed at all costs.