Homework #2(Diamonds)

I find this opening scene compelling because it sets the mood for the rest of the movie. The Comedian dies in the beginning of the first scene. The Comedian was known as a guy who wasn’t ever upset or sad, but this scene is really dark and gray, everything The Comedian was not. This scene also sticks out to me because The Comedian barely puts up a fight in the end, he realizes that his time has come and accepts it. It’s a really powerful scene and relates to what Bordwell and Thompson discuss in the chapter. It’s an action packed scene that starts off with a fight between two people then leaves the viewers at the edge of their seat to see what happens at the end of the scene and in the rest of the movie. This is one of my favorite opening scenes from a movie.

3 thoughts on “Homework #2(Diamonds)”

  1. After watching this opening scene, I’m on the edge of my seat. This is action packed, and ends with the comedian’s death after him saying it was a joke. It made me wonder, did he believe he wasn’t going to do? Or did he accept that it was his time to die, like Nakul said. I’ve never seen this movie before, so I’m unaware of what’s the cause of the fight. That is one weakness in this opening, it doesn’t have background information to educate the viewers of what’s actually going on. A strength is that it draws the viewer’s attention. I agree with Nakul, because after seeing this, this scene is filled with action, which attracts the viewer’s attention, having them want to watch more.

  2. I agree is it an enthralling opening. Admittedly I have never seen the movie but I read the graphic novel/comic and the shot of the Comedian crashing through the window brilliantly captures the graphic frame in the book. Thanks for the post, I have to put that in my DVD queue.

  3. Wow! I can’t even remember the last time I’ve ever seen an opening act filled with so much action, I guess I’ve become to accustom to opening acts just leading up to the action, which usually is in the middle of the movie. Although I’ve never seen this movie, from only watching the first 3 minutes it left me wanting to watch this in the near future. I agree very much with Nakul, it leaves viewers at the edge of their seat.

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