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Homework #6(Diamonds)

I think fan movies that deconstruct film and revisits the location is a very awesome thing because it helps show the other fans of the movie and an inside look of how the location is during a regular day in every day life instead of a movie set. People will notice how different the location can be. A lot of people when watching movies think everything is a set but they don’t know that alot of movies use actual streets to shoot film. The sets are manipulated so it looks real but there are actors all over. Most of the time, it is not how the streets would usually be in every day life.  I personally enjoy seeing movies that deconstruct film and revisits the locations.

Homework #4 – Titanic

I chose the 1997 film, Titanic which was directed, produced and written by James Cameron. This film is listed #3 in the 30 most expensive movies ever made. I chose this film because 95% of this movie takes place on a giant boat.  James Cameron had to use many different types of scenery to make this film as real as possible. For example, the rich people had better living conditions on this boat than the lower class people. This film also had amazing visuals of when the boat was sinking and when everyone was trying to survive. One of my favorite scenes was when the ship hit the iceberg and it was a full free-for-all of everyone running around and trying to survive. There was a lot of different way’s people dressed based on their wealth in this movie. Every little detail was thought about before the making of this movie and that’s why I believe it was one of the most expensive movie to be ever made. Nothing was short of spectacular!

Homework #2(Diamonds)

I find this opening scene compelling because it sets the mood for the rest of the movie. The Comedian dies in the beginning of the first scene. The Comedian was known as a guy who wasn’t ever upset or sad, but this scene is really dark and gray, everything The Comedian was not. This scene also sticks out to me because The Comedian barely puts up a fight in the end, he realizes that his time has come and accepts it. It’s a really powerful scene and relates to what Bordwell and Thompson discuss in the chapter. It’s an action packed scene that starts off with a fight between two people then leaves the viewers at the edge of their seat to see what happens at the end of the scene and in the rest of the movie. This is one of my favorite opening scenes from a movie.