Business Letter To Apple Computers

Apple Computers
1 Infinite Loop,
Cupertino CA 95014
Dear Apple Computers,
I have been a loyal apple customer for many years however your last device the iPhone 5 to me falls short of your vision of great products that innovate. The iPhone 5 is honestly a remake of your current device in a simply new package and minor enhancements that don’t directly impact the customer, yet only put us in a awkward spot with now incompatible accessories and wasted money. It seems as if the creativity that once was has gone to wayside and I’m completely taken back by this.
Having many Apple products I know what you can deliver and what these products can do to enhance my professional and personal life. But I can’t justify spending over $200 for the same phone. To me that’s an insult on our intelligence as consumers. Step up the creativity and live up to what you have created innovative products not reiterations.
Jerome Gayle

PB&J Sandwich Steps

1. Buy Bread (Preferably whole wheat), Buy favorite brand of jelly(Welch’s is the best), Buy your preferred brand of peanut butter.

2. Find a clean flat surface and a clean plate and a butter knife.

3. Remove two slices of bread making sure to skip that weird top slice.

4. Place both slices on the plate.

5. Open the jelly and using the butter knife spread some of the jelly on 1 slice of the bread, dont skimp!

6. Rinse off and dry the butter knife.

7. Open the peanut butter and proceed to spread the peanut butter on the remaining slice.

8. Place both slices together.

9. Clean up any crumbs and wash the knife.

10. Take the plate into the living room and eat the sandwich while watching the latest season of Game of Thrones or Breaking Bad.