drakemore response abu’s essay

My mount rushmore known as sufyanmore, which consist on my talent, ethic, faith and will that I say Art, Value, Religion, Motivation. My will drives me forward in every situation. Religion is a path, it makes my life meaningful. It can be used as guidance to deal with different matters. I am spiritual person because I always tend to seek help from my holy book such as GOOGLE and find best source to understand controvestial topic for own sake. My upbringing to be nice, gentleman, who should be perfect in every matter and doesn’t give people any point to talk about my mistakes. Manculanity was big matter in my country where man has no emotions. My mom believes that  when we educate our son then our society change. That’s why she taught those value to be nice man, so that she feel proud and people use me as role model to get motivated. So after certain time I tend to use those ethics in real life by helping other in need. My talent is Art, which I used to started from the younger age till now. When I use pencil and pen, I always draw something on paper because empty paper feel bad. I have alot of experience drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpture. I have taken classes and personal interest led me to draw 50 porfolios animation.

Motivation is the only thing which led all of three such art relgion and value. These 4 makes me and lead to build mount of rushmore or i should say sufyanmore, which should be builded because i have done alot of hardwork.


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