In the article “ Boys and Girls together; Taught separately by Jennifer Medina  

argues that boys and girls should be taught separately because it makes them responsible of education by having no distraction of opposite gender. Students can easily access to teacher, to have one on one chat whether it’s about their feeling or homework. Verbally communication does change student’s mistake into correction such as getting higher scores in math as compare to last time. So, boys and girls have show positive results from same sex class therefore, I also believe same sex class not only improve student’s learning but help them mentally by appreciating their abilities.

Single sex class has beneficial for girls and boys because it helps their knowledge. Arcticle states that, “Now I never hear a word from teachers about behavior problems, and when he talks about school, he is actually talking about work.” This mean after separating girls and boys, they became more focused, active. It reminds me of my personal experience, when I went to mosque to read quran. I used to recite more pages and able to complete my work in a less time. I was interested in the content of quranic study of same sex class than to  co-education class. Boys and girls tend to do gossip and giggles in the co-education class, which was disrespectful to the holy book. They become off track from the work so easily as compare to same sex quranic class. So same sex class save us from distraction and us more responsible to complete our work, develops interest to learn more from teacher.

Verbally communication is effective to transfer message such as speaking One on one talk made children feel special such as Article indicate the matter stated, “ Remember what I spoke you about being the bright shining star that you are? This kind of love and appreciation make them feel unique, which motivate them to work hard. This reminds me of when I went to my one on one talk with teacher about my writing. I was worried and nervous. When I went in the room, he greeted me and told me that I think you are doing amazing but you need to work on your writing. This advice made me even more involved in the conversation. So, he taught me in a polite way, which really helped me and I loved it too. This type of conversation helps student’s learning and performance because they don’t feel embarrassed to point out their mistakes infront of the class. After that day, I wrote so beautiful in summer vacation homework that I even won a prize. One to one talk with teacher improves student’s mental health because it gives them chance to share their thoughts and got to recieve good advice in return that they can make it better.  

 In conclusion, article discusses problem of boys and girls taught separately, which she thinks can leave positive impacts on their learning and mental health. Article has proven that same sex class students have been optimistic toward education due to no distraction of opposite gender. Also, direct communication shows improvement in the students performance. I believe that same sex class motivate us by developing interest in the context and getting advice from teacher can make student successful in studies. So, Boys and Girls should be taught separately, it is beneficial for them.


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