Procrastination is one of the most difficult obstacle to overcome in High school, and more if you are a senior, because you think that everything is over, but there’s still classes to pass and regents to take, so it is not over yet. The idea of finally getting out of high school was refreshing at first, so I became a user of procrastination, meaning that all the homework and responsibilities that I had to do I replace it with insignificant activities that didn’t end up giving me something positive. This activities took away significant time to work on what really was important at that time, that was my graduation. What made it hard to overcome procrastination was that going late to class became a habit for me and I wouldn’t think about that class as a class where I had to pay too much attention since it was the spanish class and I thought it was going to be easy for me since spanish is my native language. Most of my classmate in class 2018 took that year to procrastinate and they would go to class just to have fun, but having fun is not forever. Marking period is always around the corner and when that time comes, everyone start to freak out, because everything they did in that marking period was having fun or for me just cutting class, I didn’t like to have “fun” either, just wanted everything to end. Hence having lack of interest in the class and having not much people that will really motivate me to go to class push me to the edge of the fancy word “procrastination”. When I saw my report card, and saw the low grades I thought “is it really necessary to have another incentive apart from graduating with honor?”. That Idea keeps spinning in my head until I decided that it was a time for me to change, and that my graduation was enough reason to speed up and live the lack of interest in school behind. Since that day I started to think about myself and do what it was required for me to do, no matter if my classmate didn’t want to do their homework because at the end is all about being independent and knowing how to manage your time properly. Their will be time to waste but in order to have that, is necessary to respect the time that is destined to work, and having a mindset very organized and knowing every time what is that I have to do help me and I think can help everyone out of the procrastination zone.

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