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The last time I remember being seriously stereotyped, I was with my friend we were walking up 5th ave on a late night. From the distance I could clearly see walking in our direction was a family of 4. For some odd reason they crossed the street. As if they felt my friend and I were a threat to their safety. When in reality we all simply want to get home in the safest manner possible. I do understand they possibly believe people with my skin color do commit crimes at the time. But I still feel that not a reason to stereotype.


Talking about stereotype, who has not had some difficulties when they first arrive in a new country as a foreign student. I personally had experience that as well back when i was in high school. I often hear people telling me that asians are smart, and some people assumed that I must have good grades in school just because I came from China. Each time when someone tells me that, i felt embarrassed because i’m not the smart one that they are talking about. Honestly, i¬†was always an average student in the class, because it was difficult to learn another new language. In fact, I’m still struggling with school now.¬†Although some asian student do well in school, but it does not applies to everyone in the community. Besides getting good grades dose not happen without some hard work.¬†Therefor stereotype dose not describes everybody around you.


My mom’s side of families are very judgmental and strict. Whenever we have some sort of family gathering, they always have some negative comments about what i wear. On hot days when it feels like its over 100 degree Fahrenheit, I like to wear shorts with crop top or tube top. When they see me with that type of clothes on, they always have something to say. I have many little cousins who likes to be around me and play. One day one of my uncle who has 2 daughters said that he does not want his daughter to be like me just because of how I dress. That was one of the worst thing i ever heard from my relatives. And that really hurt my feelings.

“Napping while black” is a essay that shows how black are categorized in society because of their skin color. In todya’s society racism has increased, and every day racism takes accion in the trains, restaurants ect. Either because of religion, race, color. This eassy remains me to the firts time I went to my high school. Dominicans are known by people for being¬† loud, speaking fast, like dancing and don’t speak properly . So when I went to my high school a 70% of the students there were Dominicans, and they start questioning me and doubting my nacionatily because I was so quiet and I did not act like them. Becuase of this they used to make fun of me, and they always got me apart. This experience teacheas me that even in your won race you can be steriotyped if you act different, but it is because of the myths and beliefs that people still has that people have to act a certain way or look an certain way to be accepted in a group of people.

abu’s stereotype response.

“Napping while black (and other transgressions)” by Tariro Mzezewa reminds me of the time when I was be judged by the way of looks, behave and dress. When I came here, I wasn’t aware how to dress or speak because I was nervous, i used to wore uniform at school. I was used to watch people how they dress and I started to speak english with my friends. One of friend said ¬†“why you clothes like this?” . I replied him that those clothes does not make us. Our personality make clothes to look beautiful. That our skills should represent us, not by cloths. Some people really did made persecption that I can’t do anything due to my politeness and generosity,¬†which was being used against me that I can’t be angry or have soft heart. Being good nature was against me that these attributes are not masculinity such as when ¬†one of school fellow was teasing me, when I replied him angrily to stop him. Other people around me, felt that wasn’t important because he was saying crap about me and I couldn’t bear it. Being nice and generosity¬†doesn’t mean to forget to stand for right. Once I had crush at girl but she didn’t like me so I didn’t felt, it will be important to go forth in relationship .Then, I didn’t think it would be appropriate to express my love. It wasn’t okay to beg for love, which was unacceptable to my morals. One thing i found weird that steretyping can not only based on behavor as well as physically such as being skinny means person should felt scared from bigger bulky guy. If he will not then there gonna be conflict, losing battle mean bad reputation and low self esteem. ¬†People tend to be judged by their physical appearance and behavior. I do judge people but I always keep in mind to have good thoughts and appreciate what they really are. So, we should not hold their behaviour, good nature against themselves whether they are skinny or polite it doesn’t make them weak.

Yandri Macias

After reading the essay Napping While Black ( and other transgression) I do remember when I first came to New York there was a time in school where I was being called names because I look different from everyone else and I didn’t know how to speak English. I felt lonely and thought that I was never going to make friends, also I’ve had friends that have looked at differently in the past and that’s something I personally didn’t like because they’ve never met him and they should never talk bad about a person.


A “stereotype” is just another name for “profiling” — deciding everything about a person based on their looks.

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