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“El Monumento” located in Santiago De Los Caballeros Dominican Republic, remains me of my childhood, the place where I grew up and where I spent the best 14 years of my life. This image is important to me because that is the city where my father and my brother died, the city where my mother had to fight alone for her two daughters, the city where I was surrounded
with delinquent but I learned not be like them. But it also was the city where I learned to love without condition the city where I learned that family is the most important thing that a person can have and they are always going to be there for you. In sumary, all these experiences are what made living in Santiago the best experience of my life and that is why every time I see this image I feel proud of where I came from because this is the city where my roots where implanted

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I chose this picture because from a young age I’ve always loved playing soccer and this reminds me of when me and my uncle would play together.


I really like this Image due to the fact that it shows one of my favorite rappers reluctant to speak. I believe his reluctance comes from being tired of the spotlight at times. He’s been through so much at age 20.Kodak Black

This is an amazing movie with unexpected turns, which make viewers speechless. Actors has done an amazing job with this script. Must recommend others to watch it. I have appreciated the sense of details author added to this story that makes movie worthwhile.

Kalden k

I chose the image because i like the history of the Taj Mahal. It is one of my favorite vacation destination with my family. We all got to learn the history of this and got to see the translucent white marbles. And i would definitely go back there again.


I chose this picture because throughout my entire life I always rooted for this team even through the ups and the downs that happen every year.


Day 1 Image

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