Drake’s Mount Rushmore. abu’s response.

Abu-Sufiyan Hamayoun

Jackie Blain

Response Essay


Drake’s Mount Rushmore.

              According to the article,” New sentences: from Drake’s survival” by Sam Anderson argues Mount rushmore is created to tribute four U.S presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt  because they have changed the history of America. Their abilites had change peoples’ live. So that drake’s talent has added a variety in the field of music world. Author also says that drake deserves to have Mount drakemore in his life because his accomplishments are far more than statue. I believe drake should has Mount drakemore as long as it does not harm anyone. If I had a choice to built Mount rushmore, characteristic represents me are: Spiritual, Mature, Eager to learn, Creative. These traits make me who I am, to celebrate the goodness in person, abilities bring variety in oneself, and these characteristic helped me throughtout life till today. Therefore, talent of presidents or musician does bring change in this world.

            As we grow older, we get mature as time passes. Maturity has become one of my trait. This reminds me of that when I had to apply for job, college or choose major. I had to research about college and major. My parents are illiterate that they have no clue, how education system works, and I don’t even blame them. They have seen a dream for me to educated, they shrived so hard for me to be successful. They are supportive that they have given me a free choice of career. I had to think really effective to make a decision about my life. This kind of maturity can help in every matter to have good plan for now such as whether to say on campus or not.

            Eager to learn new things and used them in life, is a good trait to use. I applied this character trait in my life such as whenever I bought new clothes, try to look up them, program. So this can be useful to others, eager to learn new language, which can be useful for workplace, or culture does make us multicultural and open new doors of option toward us.

             Being faithful to one’s religion can be religious, which can be seen extrermist as compare to other( strong beliefs can be confusing), spiritually connected, which bring peace internally and externally, such as meditation or yoga. This is related to me when I was sad, didn’t know what to do. I learned about Dhikr (repeatly some prayer in mind or loudly), which removed my sorrow and loneliness. Act of this medutation made me spiritual connected through religion and brought peace in my life by sharing it with my God.

             I have a creative brain, I say that because when my sister asked me about her project to make vision board just day before deadline. So I settled picture in an order, I wrote few words showing about her future plan in colourful. I was done with project by midnight. I had no experience to complete the task before, but I had some idea. So I produced idea in short notice, can apply for best purposes such as creating own portait with scrap papers.

             Author explains that four perisedents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and drake deserve to have Mount Rushmore due to their abilities and talent, which helped people wheter by bringing variety in music or change  the history america; written U.S. Declaration of Independence, ended monarchy, ended slavery, expanded federal power, so drake who variety of emotion using his talent in the music world. I believed drake has done alot of hard work to rewarded in form of getting Mount drakemore. My Mount Rushmore would consist on  Spiritual, Mature, Eager to learn, Creative these traits, which makes me, who I am today. These characteristic helped me throughtout life till today.             



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