4 Points


I’m going to start off by speaking about my 2nd oldest brother Ibrahim. Abe was a Lot to deal with on the court standing tall at 6’5 or 6’6 the last time I saw him when he was on Rikers. Instead of playing basketball against high competition High School Ballers on attractive basketball courts he dominates against Jail Birds Sadly. I swear my brother was talented professor if you heard of a school called Wings Academy their head coach his name is Billy. Billy went of his way to go watch my brother play in games multiple times while he was in 8th Grade, then recruited him to the school. On this team my brother was the only skilled player. That didn’t matter Abe was able to take MS.45 To the second game in the playoffs. He had to be averaging at least 20 plus that whole season. Now as he has told me over the phone “He dunked on somebody and they was so mad that they wanted to fight.” Life is crazy Getting arrested wasn’t in the plans. Who knows my brother could’ve probably been the next Kevin Durant had he been in the town on a “Ballislife” Agenda. Free my big brother, sometimes when I think about his situation it puts In a bad state of mind. In this moment in my life I just want to work hard and stay out the mix.


My story would speaking on how I’m Just that I’m going to college in first something that a lot of people in my town didn’t do and just went the working way. I would prove a lot of people thoughts about me wrong. I could finally set that example for my younger siblings so that they can see that my older brother isn’t one of those people that just settled with his high school diploma. Instead, he went to college working towards getting his degree.


If I had one wish it would be to have my family back from the system. We would like a chance to restart, only Allah knows how much potential my family had but now most of my siblings time is being wasted in a corrections facility

4) I lost one of my good friends late last year to gun violence. I find it so unfair when speaking about the condition in which I live in comparison to others.


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