Mohamed’s Mount Rushmore

The first headstone on my Mount Rushmore surely goes to my second oldest brother Abe. Abe is currently detained at a state Correctional facility Upstate. Standing tall at 6’5 or 6’6 the last time I saw him. Instead of balling against high competition high school or college basketball, he dominates against jails birds. As of late, life has been extremely overwhelming for me. I was sure my older brother had the potential to be on a “ballislife” agenda. Unfortunately, Abe got distracted while hanging with bad influences and as of now it’s to late for my brother. This puts me in the perfect position to redeem him because I know my brother is great person at heart.

Its mandatory that the second headstone on my Mount Rushmore goes to my oldest brother Mamadou. For being the best role model a younger brother could ask for. After taking on a double major one in business and the other in fashion as a freshman. I’m proud to say my brother will be graduating next spring with his degree. Mamadou was able to attain this through all the stress brought upon him after hearing little brothers are both arrested. News that’s extremely detrimental and stress heavy.

The Third headstone on my Mount Rushmore goes to my late friend Ty Millz, may he l Rest In Peace. I find it so unfair when speaking about the condition in which I live in. The death of Ty Millz, for instance, there is no reason why a drive by shooting happened and the killers have yet to be found. It’s ironic how the people in the hood know but the district police doesn’t. A death that happened late last year at that. I guess what they say is true about the good dying young. I say this only because Ty Millz was one of the most chill dudes in the hood and he was just getting ready to graduate from high school, truly a sad story.

Lastly, for the final spot on my Mount Rushmore I would have to put my high school diploma there. Then, it will soon be replaced with the degree I am expected to get from City Tech. My high school experience was far from ordinary, after being arrested and placed in the juvenile system just before my Junior Varsity basketball season was fully underway in my sophomore year. After a long 9 months, I was released just before my Junior year and my original high school accepted me back. I won’t speak about the adversity I faced when I got back in my Junior year because it doesn’t matter. Moral of the story I am a high school graduate and determined to be a college graduate.

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