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abu’s draft

In the article of “ Why we crave Horror movies” by Stephen King argues that we have all kind of emotions whether it is being nice or showing anger.He explains horror movies let those negative emotions out, and it can’t be ignored. I disagree with the author because horror movies target our feelings, which leads big impact on our behavior.

People want to be seen as brave, and confident. This lead to filter our feeling to become fake ourselves. Stephen King states “ To show that we can, that we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster.” This clearly shows that every connect fear with young kids, but in reality every has in them. We tend to represent fear in different ways like crying, hiding. This piece of work reminds me of my personal experience. When I was 10 years old, I was with my family at aunty house. We started to watch horror movie. The movie started with main character, who has wore black clothes with unusual face, and haunted arabic versus was playing at the back. Movie showed him from different angles, zooming in and out. I was so deeply into the movie that I forgot to realize, it was just a movie. As music was getting louder, my heart was pumping faster. Suddenly that character disappeared, and appeared so closer that I fainted from fear. I heard screaming ’close the movie’ and ‘get water’. They all were gathered around me. They were calling my name ‘Sufyan what happened’. After few seconds I was consciousness, but not that much to separate reality from fantasy. I was hallucinating that character coming toward me. That horror movie planted fear in me, which effected my behavior that i had bad dreams, and always needed a sibling to sleep with. So, they could calm me down that period. This incident made my personality like rape victim, no self esteem, and no control over my behavior. According to my opinion, horror movies character, and story does leave impact on our thoughts which can’t ignored as well as behavior. 

When people see same thing over and over again, it make desensitize our emotions such as watching news of terror attacks made us so cold hearted then we can’t realize it until we face it. “..Dawn of the Dead, for instance- as lifting a trap door in the civilized forebrain and throwing a basket of raw meat to hungry alligator,..”.This quote from article “ Why we crave Horror movies” made me think that this action is painful. This is selfish to safe own live and kill others like the mummy movie, brendan fraser kills so many people in the movie that after half of movie, we as viewer have no objection about killing, he being selfish to own self, and not accepting the punishment of his own fault, which led us to watch all of violence happen in movie. This make us heartless. These movies is not help instead wasting our time, and brain.  We are educating children to do terror by showing them these kind of movies.

Horror movies should not be watched because it is targeting our feelings and emotions. These movies made us to fear from dark, and desolate places. That lead our fear controlling us. We should learn, teach our kids to be kind, nice because it is not acceptable to kill human so they should use sports to let their anger out. These movies leave footprints at behavior, which can be different from others.