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Essay response about the Drake Mount Rushmore. abu’s

Abu-sufiyan Hamayoun

Jackie Blain


August, 13, 2018

Essay response about the Drake Mount Rushmore.

Parents are important asset of life because they have invested their lives, in order to complete my dreams. They had sold their house, left their country, and family such as my father hasn’t bought new clothes so that I can have new clothes and my mom had lived her whole life as housewife that I can be healthy (menntally or physically), whether i have headache or foot pain she has solution to every problem. Her duty is not only limited to problem solver, she is good cook, ethical, inspirational, love able, kind, and honest. She is not educated but can intelligently defeat other person to think about topic. She is effective speaker that my maternal always ask from her about matter, which find influential way to follow up. My father, he has visited 9 countires to stay to keep up his bussiness due to marriage stay in the country. Now, he had left  his country for us to have a better future (job/ education). I realize and appreciate their scarifice and I want to payback my time to my parents. Therefore, I can be support in their need of time. After spending these years with my parents, I have developed some skills to solve problem such as mature, compassionate, responsible, creative/productive , eager to learn, honest, and spiritual.

As we grow older, we get mature. Maturity doesn’t mean to say big words, it is to act like one. I don’t know why people want to get in girlfriend/ boyfriend relationship, to have person like puppy, who praise them for their beauty. Since people are aware of ownselves, and knew consequece of their relationship may not take them anyway instead making each other fool. When my friend went into relations, i told her that you are making mistake and don’t do it. She didn’t listened to me. Now, she is regretting to have boyfriend, her family can’t accept her as well as she don’t want to marry with him. They are using each other for benefits, which ain’t have best conclusion at end. This show kind of aware of environment and concluding the situation before ends. I had to kept in order to act mature, take look of other matter, which were important than their issuse. So i look forward took part in political meetings such as i went to my school ,when mayor came to our school also attended the march for our lives to make a difference around me. This ability of being mature doesn’t mean to think about yourself, it is to grow, and know what is happening around oneself to became a inspiration for others.


How many have you experienced a situation, where you had answers of test? I don’t know about you, but i had experienced it. When i was in highschool, i had a friend, who and i had some classes together. She always had answers to every test. I had answers in my hand. I didn’t cheat because of my ethics/ values, which is that it is dishonesty with oneselve, teacher, parents, angels, then to God. i am using blessed against the resources. Some countries even don’t have this blessing of education or even dont have books, chairs, teachers, schools. I am not fairly give exam. Since teacher/ parent know i am putting affort in my work, i am not. This drive force made me believe ownselve to give my best from own knowledge. I know i got failing grades but i was sincenere with myself. I don’t think this superficial ability anyone can have it. This reminds me of blood drive statement,” Be a hero. Save a life.”. Being faithful owself is not helpful in school, it stay with person whole life such as in relationships, workplace.


Responsiblity is big job to be done but i learned it from younger age. When i had to wake up early in the morning for school to get dress, eat breakfeast, take bus, and get on time for 1st period class. This lesson is hard to be taught. Life teaches really beautifully. Person can’t be responsible until he face it. This happens when i had to complete my homework, classwork. Responsible of the trust my parents had put on me, to be motivation for other sibling that’s why i didn’t had any relationship. So i had learned that they were not wrong, those relations need time and affort. I take responsiblity of my action, results and to correct my mistakes. Such as when i did poor at english placement test, I accept it and practiced alot for next time.


I am productive person because i can imagine project after listening to problem. When my teachers was giving me project to create journal, i was so optimistic about my work that i already had to arrange material for work. I started to write the journal after islamic eve because we had special occasion and my uncle’s wedding. I had drawn picture and covered book with gift paper. None of other students did that i was awarded after hard work was put on journal was unbelievable. Nor my teacher was happy but my friends/ parents were surprised too. Whenever i get project my creativity button turn on and i can’t sit down until my work is done. This productivity is effectiive to me in every project, which motivate to try different tasks such as volunteering at senior center or cleaning at home.


Maturity, Honesty, Responsibility, Productivity are abilities can celebrated goodness in myself but don’t need a idol to be praised on. I think these traits are a lot bigger than mount Rushmore. So these characteristic deserve to be in my heart. I believe that drake mount Rushmore can’t built. If every person gonna build their Mount Rushmore, then there will be no place to live and it will make people arrogant.

             Drake’s Mount Rushmore. abu’s response.

Abu-Sufiyan Hamayoun

Jackie Blain

Response Essay


Drake’s Mount Rushmore.

              According to the article,” New sentences: from Drake’s survival” by Sam Anderson argues Mount rushmore is created to tribute four U.S presidents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, and Theodore Roosevelt  because they have changed the history of America. Their abilites had change peoples’ live. So that drake’s talent has added a variety in the field of music world. Author also says that drake deserves to have Mount drakemore in his life because his accomplishments are far more than statue. I believe drake should has Mount drakemore as long as it does not harm anyone. If I had a choice to built Mount rushmore, characteristic represents me are: Spiritual, Mature, Eager to learn, Creative. These traits make me who I am, to celebrate the goodness in person, abilities bring variety in oneself, and these characteristic helped me throughtout life till today. Therefore, talent of presidents or musician does bring change in this world.

            As we grow older, we get mature as time passes. Maturity has become one of my trait. This reminds me of that when I had to apply for job, college or choose major. I had to research about college and major. My parents are illiterate that they have no clue, how education system works, and I don’t even blame them. They have seen a dream for me to educated, they shrived so hard for me to be successful. They are supportive that they have given me a free choice of career. I had to think really effective to make a decision about my life. This kind of maturity can help in every matter to have good plan for now such as whether to say on campus or not.

            Eager to learn new things and used them in life, is a good trait to use. I applied this character trait in my life such as whenever I bought new clothes, try to look up them, program. So this can be useful to others, eager to learn new language, which can be useful for workplace, or culture does make us multicultural and open new doors of option toward us.

             Being faithful to one’s religion can be religious, which can be seen extrermist as compare to other( strong beliefs can be confusing), spiritually connected, which bring peace internally and externally, such as meditation or yoga. This is related to me when I was sad, didn’t know what to do. I learned about Dhikr (repeatly some prayer in mind or loudly), which removed my sorrow and loneliness. Act of this medutation made me spiritual connected through religion and brought peace in my life by sharing it with my God.

             I have a creative brain, I say that because when my sister asked me about her project to make vision board just day before deadline. So I settled picture in an order, I wrote few words showing about her future plan in colourful. I was done with project by midnight. I had no experience to complete the task before, but I had some idea. So I produced idea in short notice, can apply for best purposes such as creating own portait with scrap papers.

             Author explains that four perisedents; George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and drake deserve to have Mount Rushmore due to their abilities and talent, which helped people wheter by bringing variety in music or change  the history america; written U.S. Declaration of Independence, ended monarchy, ended slavery, expanded federal power, so drake who variety of emotion using his talent in the music world. I believed drake has done alot of hard work to rewarded in form of getting Mount drakemore. My Mount Rushmore would consist on  Spiritual, Mature, Eager to learn, Creative these traits, which makes me, who I am today. These characteristic helped me throughtout life till today.             



drakemore response abu’s essay

My mount rushmore known as sufyanmore, which consist on my talent, ethic, faith and will that I say Art, Value, Religion, Motivation. My will drives me forward in every situation. Religion is a path, it makes my life meaningful. It can be used as guidance to deal with different matters. I am spiritual person because I always tend to seek help from my holy book such as GOOGLE and find best source to understand controvestial topic for own sake. My upbringing to be nice, gentleman, who should be perfect in every matter and doesn’t give people any point to talk about my mistakes. Manculanity was big matter in my country where man has no emotions. My mom believes that  when we educate our son then our society change. That’s why she taught those value to be nice man, so that she feel proud and people use me as role model to get motivated. So after certain time I tend to use those ethics in real life by helping other in need. My talent is Art, which I used to started from the younger age till now. When I use pencil and pen, I always draw something on paper because empty paper feel bad. I have alot of experience drawing, sketching, painting, and sculpture. I have taken classes and personal interest led me to draw 50 porfolios animation.

Motivation is the only thing which led all of three such art relgion and value. These 4 makes me and lead to build mount of rushmore or i should say sufyanmore, which should be builded because i have done alot of hardwork.


In the article “ Boys and Girls together; Taught separately by Jennifer Medina  

argues that boys and girls should be taught separately because it makes them responsible of education by having no distraction of opposite gender. Students can easily access to teacher, to have one on one chat whether it’s about their feeling or homework. Verbally communication does change student’s mistake into correction such as getting higher scores in math as compare to last time. So, boys and girls have show positive results from same sex class therefore, I also believe same sex class not only improve student’s learning but help them mentally by appreciating their abilities.

Single sex class has beneficial for girls and boys because it helps their knowledge. Arcticle states that, “Now I never hear a word from teachers about behavior problems, and when he talks about school, he is actually talking about work.” This mean after separating girls and boys, they became more focused, active. It reminds me of my personal experience, when I went to mosque to read quran. I used to recite more pages and able to complete my work in a less time. I was interested in the content of quranic study of same sex class than to  co-education class. Boys and girls tend to do gossip and giggles in the co-education class, which was disrespectful to the holy book. They become off track from the work so easily as compare to same sex quranic class. So same sex class save us from distraction and us more responsible to complete our work, develops interest to learn more from teacher.

Verbally communication is effective to transfer message such as speaking One on one talk made children feel special such as Article indicate the matter stated, “ Remember what I spoke you about being the bright shining star that you are? This kind of love and appreciation make them feel unique, which motivate them to work hard. This reminds me of when I went to my one on one talk with teacher about my writing. I was worried and nervous. When I went in the room, he greeted me and told me that I think you are doing amazing but you need to work on your writing. This advice made me even more involved in the conversation. So, he taught me in a polite way, which really helped me and I loved it too. This type of conversation helps student’s learning and performance because they don’t feel embarrassed to point out their mistakes infront of the class. After that day, I wrote so beautiful in summer vacation homework that I even won a prize. One to one talk with teacher improves student’s mental health because it gives them chance to share their thoughts and got to recieve good advice in return that they can make it better.  

 In conclusion, article discusses problem of boys and girls taught separately, which she thinks can leave positive impacts on their learning and mental health. Article has proven that same sex class students have been optimistic toward education due to no distraction of opposite gender. Also, direct communication shows improvement in the students performance. I believe that same sex class motivate us by developing interest in the context and getting advice from teacher can make student successful in studies. So, Boys and Girls should be taught separately, it is beneficial for them.


abu’s stereotype response.

“Napping while black (and other transgressions)” by Tariro Mzezewa reminds me of the time when I was be judged by the way of looks, behave and dress. When I came here, I wasn’t aware how to dress or speak because I was nervous, i used to wore uniform at school. I was used to watch people how they dress and I started to speak english with my friends. One of friend said  “why you clothes like this?” . I replied him that those clothes does not make us. Our personality make clothes to look beautiful. That our skills should represent us, not by cloths. Some people really did made persecption that I can’t do anything due to my politeness and generosity, which was being used against me that I can’t be angry or have soft heart. Being good nature was against me that these attributes are not masculinity such as when  one of school fellow was teasing me, when I replied him angrily to stop him. Other people around me, felt that wasn’t important because he was saying crap about me and I couldn’t bear it. Being nice and generosity doesn’t mean to forget to stand for right. Once I had crush at girl but she didn’t like me so I didn’t felt, it will be important to go forth in relationship .Then, I didn’t think it would be appropriate to express my love. It wasn’t okay to beg for love, which was unacceptable to my morals. One thing i found weird that steretyping can not only based on behavor as well as physically such as being skinny means person should felt scared from bigger bulky guy. If he will not then there gonna be conflict, losing battle mean bad reputation and low self esteem.  People tend to be judged by their physical appearance and behavior. I do judge people but I always keep in mind to have good thoughts and appreciate what they really are. So, we should not hold their behaviour, good nature against themselves whether they are skinny or polite it doesn’t make them weak.

abu’s draft

In the article of “ Why we crave Horror movies” by Stephen King argues that we have all kind of emotions whether it is being nice or showing anger.He explains horror movies let those negative emotions out, and it can’t be ignored. I disagree with the author because horror movies target our feelings, which leads big impact on our behavior.

People want to be seen as brave, and confident. This lead to filter our feeling to become fake ourselves. Stephen King states “ To show that we can, that we are not afraid, that we can ride this roller coaster.” This clearly shows that every connect fear with young kids, but in reality every has in them. We tend to represent fear in different ways like crying, hiding. This piece of work reminds me of my personal experience. When I was 10 years old, I was with my family at aunty house. We started to watch horror movie. The movie started with main character, who has wore black clothes with unusual face, and haunted arabic versus was playing at the back. Movie showed him from different angles, zooming in and out. I was so deeply into the movie that I forgot to realize, it was just a movie. As music was getting louder, my heart was pumping faster. Suddenly that character disappeared, and appeared so closer that I fainted from fear. I heard screaming ’close the movie’ and ‘get water’. They all were gathered around me. They were calling my name ‘Sufyan what happened’. After few seconds I was consciousness, but not that much to separate reality from fantasy. I was hallucinating that character coming toward me. That horror movie planted fear in me, which effected my behavior that i had bad dreams, and always needed a sibling to sleep with. So, they could calm me down that period. This incident made my personality like rape victim, no self esteem, and no control over my behavior. According to my opinion, horror movies character, and story does leave impact on our thoughts which can’t ignored as well as behavior. 

When people see same thing over and over again, it make desensitize our emotions such as watching news of terror attacks made us so cold hearted then we can’t realize it until we face it. “..Dawn of the Dead, for instance- as lifting a trap door in the civilized forebrain and throwing a basket of raw meat to hungry alligator,..”.This quote from article “ Why we crave Horror movies” made me think that this action is painful. This is selfish to safe own live and kill others like the mummy movie, brendan fraser kills so many people in the movie that after half of movie, we as viewer have no objection about killing, he being selfish to own self, and not accepting the punishment of his own fault, which led us to watch all of violence happen in movie. This make us heartless. These movies is not help instead wasting our time, and brain.  We are educating children to do terror by showing them these kind of movies.

Horror movies should not be watched because it is targeting our feelings and emotions. These movies made us to fear from dark, and desolate places. That lead our fear controlling us. We should learn, teach our kids to be kind, nice because it is not acceptable to kill human so they should use sports to let their anger out. These movies leave footprints at behavior, which can be different from others.

Let me take you back to my city, lahore. second biggest city of Pakistan. People from there known as lahoris. They known for having big heart of hosting the guests, and enjoying their lives without stress, and its food streets being crowded all nights, such as biryani, kheer ,and other.

There is a famous saying in Punjabi ‘Jinay Lahore Nai Vekhya O ‘Jammya’ Nai (You have not been born till you have seen Lahore). because lahoris known for their foods, places (Lahore FortShalimar GardensLahore MuseumBadshahi MosqueQuaid-e-Azam LibraryMinar-e-Pakistan), culture/ tradition and festivals like basant- flying kites, independence day, religious days and many more. we have very traditional dress and different variety of cuisines.

check these links for more information


when i used to go to my aunty, i pass by middle road of Badshahi Mosque, and Minar e Pakistan. I have Badshahi mosque to my left side and the other side was Minar-e-pakistan. It is a crowded place, because a lot of people come to Minar-e-pakistan to visit it, next to it is a waterpark, people also visit it due to the hot temperature. There are a lot of transportions on the road to get you to this destination, such as a bus, car, taxi, cart and bull, motercyle, carrige, etc. It has a lovely weather, including some beautiful green areas, and from across it comes bakery shops, restuarent, and hotels, including fruit cart, and drink cart. The reason Minar-e-Pakistan is now known as a famous places is because of a law that was passed in that place, which confirmed that Pakistan will be a country and every year ton of people come and visit from different countries. This reminds us that Qaid-e-azam and his followers  were determined to make Pakistan a place by marching and giving their all. By writing all this I can hear the voice of Qaid-e-azam chanting “Pakistan Zindabad!” also known as Long Live Pakistan. All of this reminds of his dedication and hard work, and inspires me to respect him and work as hard as him to achieve something big just like him.

To the other side of Badshahi mosque, we have a food street, which is where most tourist go to eat the food, to see the ancient builiding and to explore more about the city and the culture. this Badshahi Mosque was created by Mugals, and the mosque was opened to all citizen who lived near it and that culture has been passed down through centuries and continues ’till today.

This shows the culture of lahore city famous phrase is lahore lahore aay  which is lahore is lahore ,if someone didnt saw this city that he was never born. that is because of love given by people, food, and beauty.

This video shows the culture of lahore city.

abu sufiyan’s procrastination.

I have been a good student in the beginning of high school years. I was also punctual, hardworking and optimistic. After getting the cell phone, my grades and performance were affected that it led to procastination. The way of not doing work and being lazy usually became my habit. I also did submitted my assignment after some deadlines. As my days were getting closer to the exam my procrastinate was getting stronger. I had realize that it was wrong but need fear to get on track. Then, i looked back at my early exam’s scores to improve and get motivated from it. Qradually i began to aware of reality and changed my habit. I got responsible of what should be done and i did it.

This is an amazing movie with unexpected turns, which make viewers speechless. Actors has done an amazing job with this script. Must recommend others to watch it. I have appreciated the sense of details author added to this story that makes movie worthwhile.