Essay response about the Drake Mount Rushmore. abu’s

Abu-sufiyan Hamayoun

Jackie Blain


August, 13, 2018

Essay response about the Drake Mount Rushmore.

Parents are important asset of life because they have invested their lives, in order to complete my dreams. They had sold their house, left their country, and family such as my father hasn’t bought new clothes so that I can have new clothes and my mom had lived her whole life as housewife that I can be healthy (menntally or physically), whether i have headache or foot pain she has solution to every problem. Her duty is not only limited to problem solver, she is good cook, ethical, inspirational, love able, kind, and honest. She is not educated but can intelligently defeat other person to think about topic. She is effective speaker that my maternal always ask from her about matter, which find influential way to follow up. My father, he has visited 9 countires to stay to keep up his bussiness due to marriage stay in the country. Now, he had left  his country for us to have a better future (job/ education). I realize and appreciate their scarifice and I want to payback my time to my parents. Therefore, I can be support in their need of time. After spending these years with my parents, I have developed some skills to solve problem such as mature, compassionate, responsible, creative/productive , eager to learn, honest, and spiritual.

As we grow older, we get mature. Maturity doesn’t mean to say big words, it is to act like one. I don’t know why people want to get in girlfriend/ boyfriend relationship, to have person like puppy, who praise them for their beauty. Since people are aware of ownselves, and knew consequece of their relationship may not take them anyway instead making each other fool. When my friend went into relations, i told her that you are making mistake and don’t do it. She didn’t listened to me. Now, she is regretting to have boyfriend, her family can’t accept her as well as she don’t want to marry with him. They are using each other for benefits, which ain’t have best conclusion at end. This show kind of aware of environment and concluding the situation before ends. I had to kept in order to act mature, take look of other matter, which were important than their issuse. So i look forward took part in political meetings such as i went to my school ,when mayor came to our school also attended the march for our lives to make a difference around me. This ability of being mature doesn’t mean to think about yourself, it is to grow, and know what is happening around oneself to became a inspiration for others.


How many have you experienced a situation, where you had answers of test? I don’t know about you, but i had experienced it. When i was in highschool, i had a friend, who and i had some classes together. She always had answers to every test. I had answers in my hand. I didn’t cheat because of my ethics/ values, which is that it is dishonesty with oneselve, teacher, parents, angels, then to God. i am using blessed against the resources. Some countries even don’t have this blessing of education or even dont have books, chairs, teachers, schools. I am not fairly give exam. Since teacher/ parent know i am putting affort in my work, i am not. This drive force made me believe ownselve to give my best from own knowledge. I know i got failing grades but i was sincenere with myself. I don’t think this superficial ability anyone can have it. This reminds me of blood drive statement,” Be a hero. Save a life.”. Being faithful owself is not helpful in school, it stay with person whole life such as in relationships, workplace.


Responsiblity is big job to be done but i learned it from younger age. When i had to wake up early in the morning for school to get dress, eat breakfeast, take bus, and get on time for 1st period class. This lesson is hard to be taught. Life teaches really beautifully. Person can’t be responsible until he face it. This happens when i had to complete my homework, classwork. Responsible of the trust my parents had put on me, to be motivation for other sibling that’s why i didn’t had any relationship. So i had learned that they were not wrong, those relations need time and affort. I take responsiblity of my action, results and to correct my mistakes. Such as when i did poor at english placement test, I accept it and practiced alot for next time.


I am productive person because i can imagine project after listening to problem. When my teachers was giving me project to create journal, i was so optimistic about my work that i already had to arrange material for work. I started to write the journal after islamic eve because we had special occasion and my uncle’s wedding. I had drawn picture and covered book with gift paper. None of other students did that i was awarded after hard work was put on journal was unbelievable. Nor my teacher was happy but my friends/ parents were surprised too. Whenever i get project my creativity button turn on and i can’t sit down until my work is done. This productivity is effectiive to me in every project, which motivate to try different tasks such as volunteering at senior center or cleaning at home.


Maturity, Honesty, Responsibility, Productivity are abilities can celebrated goodness in myself but don’t need a idol to be praised on. I think these traits are a lot bigger than mount Rushmore. So these characteristic deserve to be in my heart. I believe that drake mount Rushmore can’t built. If every person gonna build their Mount Rushmore, then there will be no place to live and it will make people arrogant.

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