“Napping while black” is a essay that shows how black are categorized in society because of their skin color. In todya’s society racism has increased, and every day racism takes accion in the trains, restaurants ect. Either because of religion, race, color. This eassy remains me to the firts time I went to my high school. Dominicans are known by people for being  loud, speaking fast, like dancing and don’t speak properly . So when I went to my high school a 70% of the students there were Dominicans, and they start questioning me and doubting my nacionatily because I was so quiet and I did not act like them. Becuase of this they used to make fun of me, and they always got me apart. This experience teacheas me that even in your won race you can be steriotyped if you act different, but it is because of the myths and beliefs that people still has that people have to act a certain way or look an certain way to be accepted in a group of people.

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