This past year I’ve only been doing online school and I haven’t gone to school in a while. Every day is the same. Wake up, brush my teeth, eat breakfast, go on my laptop and hope I don’t explode. But the thing I’ve noticed in this endless cycle is that even though everything is the same and I won’t remember what I ate yesterday I’m still able to create memories from these college days. People say that people don’t remember what they ate or what happened yesterday or a week ago, but they will remember if something attracted their special attention or if something exciting or sad happens. I noticed that all the moments when I got the chance to laugh with my peers and classmates in class was something that became a memory to me throughout this year. Especially since we can’t make normal memories outside with our friends and family, it became small but important memories. It’s amazing how we can make memories from something so simple and empty. These memories evoke different emotions in me that I don’t have the chance to feel, especially now, and these feelings aren’t sadness or annoyance, it’s more positive. 

Things I might use for the project:

A Podcast: (Where I can explain my project and add special sound effects to make it more interesting and intriguing.)


A Slide Presentation (Where I can show and explain my project as a presentation with intriguing images and texts.):