1. I noticed that over the past year, I’ve used games as a way to escape from reality and hang out with my friends. I would often talk on discord as I played with my friends as well, it was a way for me to spend time and hang out with my friends without actually having to meet up with them in real life. I noticed all the games I will be mentioning either have a whole entire new world to explore or have gameplay mechanics that require hanging/interacting with friends or other players.
  2. I want to use either voice-over where I talk over recordings of my own gameplay. I plan to specifically talk about my own personal experiences first because my prompt is that I’ve used games and discord as a way to hang out and spend time with my friends. Using voiceover or supercut gives me chances of using visual footage of the game itself while allowing me to explain the context through text or recordings.
This image shows one of the games I heavily played during the past year, it’s all about working together with friends and meeting new people. The picture shows two players holding hands venturing off into one of the open-worlds either to do missions or hang out with one another. This image helps me with my idea because it shows that playing this game is like living in a whole new world, considering you can interact with other avatars and chat with them, etc.
This is just a video using a similar format I want to use, clips of the game mentioned, voice-over and text to support the purpose of the video.