Tentative Schedule

Prior to first class
 Sign up for OpenLab and join our class On Announcements page, review video lectures/how tos Accept Slack invitation. Feel free to leave a hello message in the channel labeled #general
 Read the article “Adapting to 2021”
 Create a New Post on Open Lab and do these things: Introduce yourself briefly.Add an image that means something to you and explain why you chose it.Now that you’ve read the article, and thinking about last term, talk a little about what happened last term and what you’d like to do better this term. Title it: “Introduction [your name]” Category: Introductions
DateIn-class topics/activitiesDue for next class
Week One: 2/2-2/8
2/2INTRODUCTORY WEEK Hello! Intro to class. Using the techOpenLab post: Hassan & Abdurraqiz response
2/4Are you a writer? Introduction to Discourse Communities How to use Perusall  Catch up on Intro posts.Perusall: Read & Annotate Dan Melzer article
Week Two: 2/9-2/15
2/9INTRODUCTION TO UNIT 1: PORTRAIT OF A WORD What discourse communities do I belong toOn Padlet: Post an artifact from your discourse community.
2/11What’s so important about words.  Perusall: read “Oscar Wao” and annotate Perusall: participate in Discussion
Week Three: 2/16-2/22
2/16How words are used in Discourse Communities The concrete detail, the scene, the wordOpenLab post: the Lynda Barry activity paragraphs Perusall: read and annotate “Tell ‘Em All to come and get me”
2/18Writing “Shitty First Drafts”Post to Google Drive folder: your SFD of “Portrait of a Word”
Week Four: 2/23-3/1
2/23Asking for and getting feedback Writing a reviewer’s memo  Add to Google Drive SFD post: write a Reviewer’s Memo and add to your SFD.
2/25How to workshop and support each otherGoogle Drive: Leave a Comment at the bottom of the SFDs you workshopped.
Week Five: 3/2-3/8
3/2Debrief reflection Start Unit 2 – Becoming a “freelance” writer of researched articles for the public. How do you change people’s minds? Thinking about issues that are important to you and your discourse community.  On Perusall: Pick an article. Read and annotate it.Join the General Conversation and respond to the prompts.
3/4Brainstorm some issues. Article types Importance of understanding the publication.Post to OpenLab: post your analysis of the publication you want to write for
Week Six: 3/9-3/15
3/9Analyzing articles. The Reverse Outline. Deciding on your issue.Post on Padlet: Post your issue, say why you chose it, why it’s important to you and your DC, why you’re the right person to write it.
3/11Workshopping the issue on Padlet. How to pitch/create a proposal.  Post on OpenLab: post your pitch for your article
Week Seven: 3/16-3/22
3/16Doing the research to support your article and make it better. KWL+ and the Journalist’s Questions (5Ws and 1H). Doing interviewsPost on OpenLab: Post 150-word summaries of two sources (written or interview). Include a link to the source if you can.
3/18Revisiting the Reverse OutlinePost on OpenLab: Post a reverse outline of your mentor text/article type
Week Eight: 3/23-4/6
3/23Using quotes wisely and wellPost to Slack channel: progress report
3/25Workshop and conferencesIn Google Drive: Draft of your article. Due 4/6
Week Nine:  4/6-4/12
4/6Two-person Workshop of Article Writing a Revision PlanOn OpenLab: Upload a Reverse Outline of your article. Include a revision plan.
4/8INTRODUCTION TO UNIT 3: Documenting your life with new mediaDO: “Documenting the small things that are easily lost.” Post your results on Open Lab.
Week Ten: 4/13-4/19
4/13Examples of genres/projects  On OpenLab: Proposal
4/15Workshop proposals Finding and analyzing multimodal mentor texts Visual RhetoricOpen Lab: mentor text analysis  
Week Eleven: 4/20-4/26
4/20Genre support group formationOpen Lab: which elements would you like to try? Get started!
4/22Workshop with support groupsPadlet: post evidence of progress – anything, no matter how rough.
Week Twelve: 4/27-5/3
4/27Writing the Artist’s Statement Workshop groups 
4/29WorkshopGoogle Drive or Padlet: upload your project.
Week Thirteen:5/4-5/10
5/4Presentation of projects (informal)Post to OpenLab: post-presentation reflection
5/6INTRODUCTION TO FINAL PORTFOLIO The revision process Writing the Final ReflectionPost to OpenLab: respond to your very first Padlet about writing. Post to Google Drive or Padlet: be sure your project is uploaded.
Week Fourteen: 5/11-5/17
5/11RevisingGoogle Drive:  Final Portfolio (revisions & final reflection) Due by EOD 5/21
5/13Revision workshopGoogle Drive:  Final Portfolio (revisions & final reflection) Due by EOD 5/21
Week Fifteen:  5/18-5/24
5/20Final Conversations and comments on the final WallGoogle Drive:  Final Portfolio (revisions & final reflection) Due by EOD 5/21
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