GENERAL ASSIGNMENT NOTE: The Project will be due on May 4. We’ll present them informally and just generally share and celebrate what you’ve done. You can keep working on them for as long as you want.

Tuesday 4/27

We’ll be talking today about assessment for Unit 3, and building a rubric together. We’ll also look at how not to be “messy” with our projects. And you’ll work with your support groups to look at your Works in Progress.

No Homework for 4/29:

Thursday 4/29

One other thing you need to do for this Unit is write an Artist’s Statement/Reflection, which is simply a story about how you put your project together, what went right and wrong, how you feel about it, etc. Today, in addition to working with your groups for a final time, we’ll also look at how to write that Artist’s Statement (which will be due on Thursday, May 6).

Homework for 5/4:

Somewhere…. Post your Unit 3 project or link to it in the Google Drive –> Unit 3 Projects folder. Be prepared to present and/or answer questions from the class on Monday. For this unit, “late” means no grade.