During the past year nothing major happened in my life. I stayed home most of the time and I had to attend school online unfortunately. For this project it was very hard for me to choose a genre since I barely knew what I was about to say for the assignment. I listened to the other students in class while they discussed their plan for their own project. Some wanted to make  a picture essay and that’s how I got inspired to write a blog. Now that I knew which genre I wanted to use I sincerely believed I had barely any interesting content to provide an actual good story. At the last minute I decided to talk about how “boring” the pandemic was for me. While doing the assignment I realized that there were many things that have happened to me which I previously overlooked. There were things I did that I previously thought were not considered major like decorating my bedroom or changing my wardrobe. Although these things appeared to me as small and unimportant at first but later realized that they were a huge part of my 2020. In the middle of doing my blog, I realized that last year wasn’t as uneventful as I thought. I decided not to change the whole narrative but instead continue the blog and shift the storyline from “being boring” to “being somewhat eventful”. I wanted to use more pictures but i didn’t take many pictures for a whole year therefore i had to improvise. I’m not sure if a blog was the perfect genre that allowed me to tell my story but it was the only one that I thought of. I couldn’t make a photo essay and making a podcast was out of my comfort zone.

The process of making my blog was quite easy, I downloaded a few pictures on google and I made a few collages to describe my 2020 year. Then I proceed to explain why I subconsciously enjoy how my 2020 year went.  I don’t know if the audience that reads my blog would be able to perceive it the way I’d like for them to do so. I didn’t have a certain plan or outline. I’m the type of person to have at least an idea of how I’ll write an essay but for this assignment my mind went practically blink. I basically wrote anything and everything  that was on my mind and somehow everything came together. I don’t think it’s the best piece I’ve written but I believe I did a pretty good job although I didn’t have to do too many drafts or too much rethinking. If anyone had a “boring” pandemic just like me they’ll find my blog quite relatable and a bit fun to read. I’m waiting on feedback to know where to improve and what I should add to my blog to make it more entertaining and perfect. I did search blog templates for inspiration on google, I learned that there are many types of blogs and I thought that a personal blog fit the theme and topic that was assigned. Now that I think about it I wonder what my piece would be like if i had chosen to do a podcast instead. But I didn’t feel too at ease to record myself talking about my life.