My revision plan for unit 1 and unit 2 is to pay attention to the things that I need to work on and the things that I am doing well in. This includes checking my feedback and comments, editing my work through different perspectives, as well as giving myself credit and a pat on the back for doing well in certain things. 

Checking feedback and comments was crucial for my revision plan because I always have to understand what I’m doing wrong from someone who is credible and a professional, like our professors. (There’s a reason they’re called Pro-fessors.) Professors and teachers are there to help us and guide us through our right and wrongs, like parents but in an academic form. Using feedback and comments to revise makes it easier for me to find the mistakes easily without reading over everything a million times. Essays and articles are long pieces of writing that need a lot of work and editing, and my work surely needs more changes and edits for both units 1 and units 2. Some of the things I need to work on in both units are organization and staying on topic because my mind always wanders when I write about certain things so it’s hard for me to stay on topic. But in unit 1, it was more about staying on topic and not wandering off into different issues or ideas. Then in unit 2, through the comments and as well as the things I’ve noticed, I was struggling more with organization. There were also many side notes and comments about both units about grammar or things related to my ideas that didn’t seem to make sense which connects back to staying on topic. 

Feedback and comments are also a way to look at your work through another person’s perspective and understanding what they see and what you see. Because I always felt a bias towards my own work that made it seem good to me, but in someone else’s eyes and perspective there were many flaws. Through the professor’s comments, I’m able to see what they notice and try to change my mistakes so it fits towards a different perspective. This also works with friends, because whenever I’m struggling and feel a little nervous or strange to ask my professor for help, I turn towards my friends. Everytime there’s a new perspective there’s something else to change or keep, or continue doing. Sometimes there will be perspectives that I might not agree with, for example, if someone says my topic is bad and I disagree with them because it’s a good topic that I actually want to talk about, I’ll be able to communicate and tell them about my opinions on the matter. Personally, the disagreements help me a lot because it allows me to practice using my voice when I believe that something is wrong and I had many disagreements with my friends with their perspective or with my perspective. There were many disagreements about topics, form, wording, organizations, etc… But we were always able to end up with a resolution that fixed the disagreement and helped us agree with each other once again. To resolve our disagreements for my revision, we always created a compromise between our opinions, or we stated our points and had a mini debate. But at the end we always ended up in an agreement and we were able to make revisions effectively. 

One of the hardest parts during revisions is actually editing and revising my work because every time I edited my work or changed something, there’s always a fear of the revision not being enough or not being what the teacher asked for. Sometimes comments and feedback can also be confusing, which makes editing and revising ten times more confusing and difficult. Both units consisted of these issues and worries as well as the compromise but I felt that both units felt different in terms of what I was doing right and wrong. 

In unit one, like I mentioned before, I was struggling with keeping my focus and not wandering off. I needed to stay on topic and create an essay that was like a straight line, clear and understandable. But it was more like a rapid heart beat. There was also much confusion about my ideas and the way that I present my phrase, “it’s temporary,” as noted by my professor. 

In unit two, I was not organized enough and I personally thought I didn’t have interesting pictures. Because the article was about real issues in the world, there were many different topics that sprouted from just one that made it hard to organize the information in an understandable and clear way. But the main problem that I faced with unit two was that I wasn’t able to make the article interesting and intriguing as I wanted it to be. The pictures were very bland but at least they were informative. 

Even though there are many things that need to be changed and revised, there are also many things that I personally think I did well on. I feel proud of my grammar and all the research I was able to do for unit 2 and how I was able to talk about something important to me in unit 1. I believe it’s important to look at the good and bad and even though I did pretty bad, there are also some things that I did well and should feel proud of. 

Questions I have for the one-on-one conference are mostly about understanding how to create a firm presentation for different topics and how to make things more intriguing and interesting? As well as questions about unit one, where I wanted to know where I was the most weak and didn’t do the best that I could so I could focus more on fixing those problems in the future? Lastly, I would like to know, overall, what do I need to work on for the future?