When I started thinking about what to do for the project, I was really into choosing a video. The reason on why I deeply thought about it was that with a video I can record gameplay from a video game console and talk about my life during the pandemic. I wanted my audience to hear something about my life while watching something that was pleasing and relaxing. Some problems I ran into this project was staying inspired to do my work, not having been heard very clearly when listening to the recording because I was having trouble speaking loudly to be heard, I had some issues with editing, I think many other things happen while I was working for the Unit 3 project.

Before I get to do many of the work for the project, I used Microsoft OneNote to start thinking about what to do for the project and I remember using Microsoft Word which I believe I use to write the script for what should I have said in the video, and I don’t know if I used Microsoft Word for any other thing for the Unit 3 work. Such as what game should I choose for recording my video, what things about my life should I consider talking about, suggestions on how I should set up my hardware, and I think that I did many more things.

In the end, I think I did a good job with the overall video. I think that if I could have spoken louder and practice more, I could have had the video with my voice easier to be heard and with a better pace with the timing of certain things.