For revising, in unit 1 I’ll be taking into consideration the feedback I receive from the students who reviewed my essay and also the feedback left by the teacher in order for me to improve. There are a few details I needed to add that would tie everything together. There were some grammar comments in the margins and I’d also have to fix those. I’ll make sure the sentences are separated in an “appropriate” way. There were some parts where I forgot to add a period, other times I should have added a comma instead. There are a few sentences that I will have to remove because there are things I mentioned which were repetitive and I also will have to add a few other sentences to make sure the essay is near perfect. I will have to do a final proofread to fix everything. Regardless of all that, I received positive reviews from my classmates and I don’t have much to add. For unit 2 There were a couple of confusing spots which I will have to fix… There were also some grammar mistakes here and there. I was also advised to add a few more details to some paragraphs to tie the piece together. But In general I had very positive feedback from my teacher. I think I only need help mostly with unit 3.