The pandemic in 2020 was very unexpected and shocking to me, like everybody in the world. Especially first two weeks were strange. Most of my time I was out at the college, work or if I had a free time I would go to museums and galleries, visit parks and botanical gardens and enjoy the city sometimes with friends and sometimes alone. I could not stand staying home. In short I was extrovert. I got very restless at home, but also a got very creative with my room and it became a small art gallery place. Since I was not able to go out I got a lots of plants, which brought a nature and life into my room. I started panting, knitting, ordered some new books, started practicing on the guitar, cooking and exercising. I don’t like the word boredom and I did not let myself to become bored at home because of the quarantine, instead I made myself busy with the new hobbies.

I have heard, that a lots of people become very depressed dooring the pandemic, but some got very creative with a lots of good, funny and interesting ideas.

Here are some of my pictures taken dooring the quarantine. All of this pictures show how did pandemic kept me busy with different activities in one small room.

P.S. I have lot more to show for my video essay and tell the story. This is a video showing peoples creativity dooring the quarantine. Some of them are a very funny!!

Got obsessed with plants.

Painting with watercolors is fun.

The lightings are from a reflective material which creatives a beautiful lighting from the sun.