When I started this project my main goal was to get my story out there and show people how the pandemic was for me and how it changed me as a person. I wanted my audience to listen to my podcast and relate to my situation or even think about their own story and have some thoughts about it. The reason I chose this genre/form I did was because it was something I never did before and what a fun way to mix my personal experiences to something new and I also thought that I can share my experiences better through speaking my mind and just talk and feel more relaxed. Some of the problems that I thought I was going to run into was really staying on track with my story. I felt that I was going to get off topic and it was going to go all over the place. But in reality I thought I did pretty good because I had some things written down and I was able to stay focused and talk about what I needed to talk about and it was an overall good experience for me. Some things I was thinking about when I was getting started was the amount of people I was going to bring into my podcast. I felt that having four people would make it very long because each person would be sharing their own experiences so what I did was changed it to my own podcast where i did it by myself I felt that this was going to be better because I was able to focus more on my story and was able to focus on what I mainly need to and that’s how he pandemic changed me as a person overall. While I was composing this project I wanted to switch so bad to a photo essay and the reason for that was because I wasn’t able to find a good software for my pc to start up a nice podcast so it was frustrating me but then after a long time I was able to find one where I could invite people and those were my guest. Then after finally finishing my podcast everything seemed fine but when the time came to upload them and present them to the class. There were technical problems with the audio because I kept hearing an echo and it annoyed me so I ended up changing my mind and starting all over again. This is where I had the idea to start my own podcast by myself and it turned out to be so much better and I’m glad that I did this. after listening to it I realized it was so much better when I did it by myself because of the experiences I was able to share with the audience . I wouldn’t say I re thought my goal because my first idea was a photo essay because I felt that it would have been better to implement photos throughout my life and explain what was happening but I thought thatΒ  having a podcast would be more enjoyable and more fun because i was something new that I never did before even if i wasn’t prefect at least I tried because a the end of the day I’m able o look back and say that this project was one of the best hands down. What I thought was perfect about this final product was that the audio is really good and I was able to share my full story and this allowed me to feel more confident about the podcast and now the audience can have a better understanding. The perfect thing where people would experience my product is if I had a good recording to the podcast and also soothing music because it gets more people to listen and actually pay attention. Another thing about what’s so good about a podcast and an audio is if you make a mistake you can always record the recording again or even edit it and make it sound better than before. or maybe you didn’t put music in the background this is where u can implement it to it and make it sound amazing you can do so many things to it to make it sound perfect. So overall I thought that this project was really good because of how good I was with sharing your own personal experiences and sharing it with your own audience and seeing how i turned out and even if you didn’t do a podcast it was still amazing.