My thoughts about the pandemic is that it’s very annoying because I can’t do anything without always being cautious of the people around me. The pandemic has made it hard to socialize with my friends and family. It also made it harder to make money since we all have to work from home but some jobs like mine and my parents need you to be there. But luckily my brother has a job that is safe and protected so he can still work and make some money.

Personally I think the pandemic gives us some time to rethink our life decisions cause we have so much free time.The pandemic allowed me to really think about myself and have some time to myself. The downside of having time to yourself is that it sometimes gets lonely and it makes me think about the people who live by themselves and it makes me feel bad for them. Being lonely, in my opinion, is something that a lot of people are afraid of but never notice because they are always surrounded by people.