The first source I used started with the definition of Colorism, it is a persistent problem for people of color in the USA. Colorism, or skin color stratification is a process that privileges light-skinned people of color over dark in areas such as income, education, housing etc.  Some may consider the issue of colorism overblown in the 21st century however in the US, colorism has Historical roots in European colonialism and the plantation system of enslaved African Americans. Colorism can affect how we see and feel about ourselves, how we treat ourselves, and our actual behaviors in various situations . For African American girls, self-objectification may appear as a preference for physical characteristics they believe will be judged more based upon certain characteristics like lighter skin, longer hair, facial features, hair texture, etc. at the end there were Some Initial Tips for Resisting Colorism like not putting anyone down or tease them about their skin color and challenging friends and family members who make negative racial remarks… The second source i used is a youtube video where a black girl shared her opinions on colorism, she spoke about how offensive colorist jokes are mainly made by black men, those jokes perpetuate stereotypes that usually defeminized black women, especially darker skin girls and view them as less deserving of empathy and protection when they get hurt. These 2 sources are important because they both contain the main ideas I want to talk about in my article.