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Sources – Mariam

The first source is from the the YouTube video ” TED Talks” where are the videos from expert speakers about sciences, education, businesses, tech and more. In this video Bobbi Jill talks about factory farming and industrialization of agriculture. By providing examples and diagrams he tells us how dangerous it is for personal and planetary health. Carbon emissions from industrialized beef production are a large contributor to man-made climate change. He says, that holistic management and planned grazing can turn around agriculture to benefit the planet we live on. This source tells what are the ways of farming to reduce atmospheric carbon.


The second source is from the ” US Department of Agriculture” by Ron Sands. The article gives a lots of facts about climate change side affects on agriculture. Agriculture and forestry together were 10. 5 percent of US greenhouse gasses in 2018. Carbon dioxide emissions are larger contributor to climate change. Also the article talks how to avoid and reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere through carbon sequestration.


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  1. Jacquelyn Blain

    These are great. I love that you included a TED Talk — there’s always a lot more data in most of them than people realize.

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